Features for Volunteer Time Tracking | Track It Forward

Track it Forward Core Features

While our main focus is to provide software for volunteers to log their time, we have multiple ways of doing so, and we have additional features you might enjoy too!

All Users / Basic Plan Features
  • Our biggest priority is volunteer time tracking, we focus all our effort to make sure you have accurate data saved in the software. Volunteers can log their own hours or you can use our other features for automatic hour logging.
  • Volunteers can easily log hours on the mobile app. They can also access their timesheet, and sign up for events. An admin can also use the mobile app to add new volunteers, view hours, or approve/decline hour log submissions.
  • Reports can be pulled instantly and exported as an Excel document. Show multiple fields like volunteer, activity, or even a customized field. There are a few options to group and filter your reports as well!
  • Embeddable Charts, Event Calendar, and Hour Logs can all be put on your organization’s website for easy volunteer access or one-time volunteer access. This helps for volunteers who might struggle with technology.
  • You can create an event calendar that allows volunteers to sign up for events or shifts. You also have the option to customize notifications to volunteers and you can even log their hours through the event verification tool.
  • Set up requirements or goals for your volunteers to hold themselves accountable and for you to check in on which volunteers are excelling or falling behind! Both volunteers and organizers can see milestone progress.
Premium Plan Additional Features
  • Approve hours before they get logged into the system! Approve hours in bulk, on the mobile app, or with a notification when they get logged. You can also delegate this task to different administrators if you would like!
  • The Digital Event Sign-In Sheet helps people quickly sign in and out of events that they have RSVP’d to. Then, upon sign out their time will automatically be logged into the database or into the approval queue if you choose.
  • The new Community Service Directory feature is designed for schools and other organizations to use to help students or volunters find verified volunteer opportunities in the community. Volunteers can browse the directory and contact organizers directly through their Track it Forward account.
Advanced Plan Additional Features
  • In addition to hour approval, there can be extra features in the hour log that allow you to verify if an hour should be logged. These include signatures, photos, and GPS pins!
  • The Check In Kiosk works as a check in system that logs hours! One-time, repeat, or group volunteers can use the kiosk and when they check out, hours will be logged.
  • For mobile app users, this feature allows hours to be logged when a volunteer is experiencing loss of data, wifi, or cell signal. The offline hours go into a queue to be logged once there is service available.
  • During setup use conditional logic to help create conditional statements in volunteer profiles, volunteer hour logs, and milestones! Meaning one thing only occurs if a previous thing enables it to.
  • Improve volunteer communication with our new texting feature! Now administrators can send mass text messages and emails to volunteers using Track it Forward.
Enterprise Plan Features