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Free Companion Mobile App for Volunteers and Organizers

With our user friendly mobile app, volunteers can now log hours on the go

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Log Hours

Record time after service projects are completed or submit time for an associated event that you signed up for in advance. Logging hours is super simple to use, especially as our system tried to prefill in as much as possible.

Access Timesheet

Review submissions for status updates or make modifications prior to hour approval. Our app has a very easy to understand timesheet for even the most novice user.

Measure Achievements

Whether you have one single requirement or multiple levels, volunteers have real-time access to their progress at any time. This makes it really easy to stay accountable by knowing exactly how many more hours are left to reach your goal.

Sign Up for Events

View your organization's volunteer calendar and RSVP for events. We make it easy to view open shifts, sign up and message the organizer right from the app!

Add New Volunteers

If you have new volunteers joining your cause, register them directly through the app and have them logging hours right away, without being held up by you.

Approve or Reject Hours

Approve hours immediately through the mobile app or reject the submission and send a message to the volunteer with a reason for rejecting.

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