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Time Tracking for Colleges & Universities

Our software makes it easy to track and report on volunteer hours for honors programs, internships, Greek life, and more.
Honors Programs
Greek Life
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Support Student Engagement

Make it easy for students to volunteer and track their service or internship hours.
  • Log hours anywhere with the mobile app
  • Collect event RSVPs and send mass emails and texts
  • Track progress toward minimum requirements or goals

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How Track it Forward Works

1. Log Volunteer Hours

Students can log their service hours online, via the mobile app, onsite check-in, or event sign-in sheet.

2. Review and Report on Hours

Admins can choose to approve hours or request advanced verifications, and generate instant activity reports.

3. Track Progress toward Goals

Volunteers and admins can track progress toward minimum requirements or goals using the milestones feature.

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Top Features

We offer plenty of student-friendly features to optimize college and university service programs.

Hour Approval

Choose to approve hours and verify with photos, GPS, signatures or email.


Create custom hours requirements or goals that reset annually or per semester.

Event Calendar

Create events, collect RSVPs, and automatically log hours with a digital sign-in sheet.


Send automated and custom email and text messages to students.

Check-In Kiosk

Students can check in and out onsite for shifts and hours are automatically logged.

Custom Fields

Collect additional volunteer data and organize activities by type with custom fields.


Pricing varies per plan and is priced per 100 users. Bulk pricing is available for 500+ users. We also offer custom group plans for larger colleges/universities with multiple sites.

All Features and Pricing:

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"Track it Forward makes it easy for us to get things done. It's just a very easy and simple way to engage students."

Swinburne University
"Ever since we’ve started using Track it Forward, we’ve had more and more students logging their hours. It’s been great!"

Johns Hopkins University
"It’s really easy with Track it Forward, I don’t have to go through and add up hours individually."

Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

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