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Some of the Organizations Using Track it Forward...

〝Track it Forward has made it so much easier to keep track of my large group of 400 high school seniors and juniors. The ability to get a signature on the app, as well as the GPS ping makes it very easy for my students to "prove" their service. The event feature is wonderful! This feature allows me to give all of my students credit for attending meetings and events by simply telling them to join a particular event on Track it Forward. I can then give all of them credit at the same time and I don't have to approve each student individually. It's great! Lastly, I appreciate how Track it Forward allows me to generate reports. Those reports help me tell the school at large about my club and how much my students volunteer. It also helps me to give credit to students who complete all of their required hours. Thank you Track it Forward for the awesome program!!! 〞
〝Track it Forward has been a great asset for our organization! It is easy to use and makes it so much easier to keep track of volunteer hours and provide reports needed at the end of each year. It works so well!〞
〝Track it Forward has allowed us to have an easy and efficient way to keep track of all the hours our volunteers put in and we can monitor the time spent alleviating the plight of less privileged children in our community.〞
〝Track It Forward is easy for both the organizer and the end user. We have students track their leadership fieldwork hours in this tool. We were able to quickly customize it and pull required reports.〞
〝Track It Forward allows our members to keep track of our volunteer hours and produce reports at the end of the year for our national organization. It helps the members sign up for events and gives them credit for doing so. It is truly invaluable for us!〞

Why These Organizers Track Volunteer Hours

Glean Kentucky
"It really has just made my job a lot simpler…and I really feel like it has that capacity to do that for smaller organizations.”
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
"Track it Forward enabled me to streamline my processes."
East Jackson Comprehensive High School Beta Club
“We are one of the top Beta Clubs in the nation in community service, and I attribute a lot of that to our ability to organize and track hours through Track it Forward.”
Faulkner University Jones School of Law
“We’ve expanded to using Track it Forward to track hours in our field placement program, where students are placed in various [law] offices, Courts, and government agencies,"
Assistance League of Newport-Mesa
"We did some research and we found that Track It Forward was the best because it was actually pretty easy to use.”
North Star Academy
"We have to have the systems behind us to make not only our jobs easier…but easier for the volunteers,"

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We Help With Much More Than Just Hours

Check In Kiosk

Volunteers check-in and check-out, and then the hours are logged automatically.

Selfies, Signatures, and GPS

Easily verify your volunteers by collecting the right information.

Website Integration

Embed time tracking & volunteer registration all on your own website.


Schedule Events & Allow Volunteers to Sign Up and Track Hours for them.

Valuable Reports

See progress with our instant graphs, or customize and export detailed reports.

Simply Mobile

Volunteers can log hours on the go with our mobile app on Android or iPhone.
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