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About Track it Forward

Our Mission

Our mission is to help volunteer organizations create positive change in the world by providing efficient volunteer management technology. Regardless of size, every nonprofit, school, service club, society and association deserves effective tools to keep doing the work that matters. We offer simple, affordable tools and best-in-class customer service because we believe these organizations truly make a difference.

Our History

In 2009, the once beautiful Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, California needed help. Weeds overgrew and ponds stagnated. The community came together and started a volunteer recognition hoping more people would join restoring the park. If volunteers helped out more than 25 hours they were given pruning sheers, and if they volunteered over 100 hours, they were given a custom made deadheading t-shirt. Two tech-savvy rose garden volunteers, Anca and James, loved the idea and built an online and mobile system so volunteers could track hours, receive these awards, and also gain a social status built of volunteerism. This system became Track it Forward.

Since then, Track it Forward has grown to serve thousands of nonprofits and schools and hundreds of thousands of volunteers.  Track it Forward is always looking to innovate in making volunteer time tracking easier by focusing on finding simple solutions to large problems.  Since its inception, Track it Forward has continued to expand by offering our customers more features.

Our system allows you to track hours seamlessly. Volunteers can log their own hours, access their timesheets and track their requirements on any device. Interested in tracking more than hours? With our system, you can track mileage, gifts, donations, anything! Log hours anywhere, anytime.

Track it Forward simplifies how your organization tracks hours. Compile reports instantly and stay organized for grant qualifications. Compliant with 990 Reporting.  

The Track it Forward team is made up of individuals who live for volunteer coordination.  The hope is to continue to innovate for volunteer organizers all around the world. Try Track it Forward for free to see if it can help you

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