James McBryan | Track It Forward

James McBryan

Founder & Chief Volunteer Organizer

James started his volunteering journey at a young age in Boy Scouts.  After college, he continued his volunteering journey for 3 years with Engineers Without Borders and setup wifi system in rural Honduras.  With a desire to continue to help nonprofits back at his home, he started volunteering at his local rose garden in Oakland, CA and eventually built the first version of Track it Forward to help manage the volunteers there.  Always with a desire to continue to magnify his impact on more non-profits, he has been working on scaling Track it Forward with the hope that the thousands of nonprofits using Track it Forward can continue to be efficient, increase volunteering, and raise funds for their causes.

Having studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley, he always had ideas on how software could help nonprofits.  However, he discovered that in order to move game-changing ideas forward in a sustainable way, he had to learn how to run a small business to support these ideas.  He decided not to go the enterprise tech route, but instead focused on learning how to run small tech businesses instead.  Though he is always keeping his hands in the code, he has a found a passion for marketing and not only helping get the word out about nonprofit software but making it approachable and accessible as well.

When James isn't working on Track it Forward, he organizes local Lindy Hop dance venues and backpacking deep in the California mountains.