Testimonials | Track It Forward


〝Choosing Track it Forward (TIF) has been one of the best decisions we've made for our organization. Since implementing TIF, our volunteer program has experienced a remarkable transformation. First and foremost, the platform has revolutionized how we organize and communicate with our volunteers. Everything is streamlined and accessible, from scheduling volunteers for events, emailing them with updates and tracking volunteer hours. Our volunteers are always in the loop, which has significantly boosted their engagement and commitment. But perhaps the most impressive outcome has been the surge in volunteer numbers. In our first year alone, we saw a substantial increase in volunteers joining our cause. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for new volunteers to sign up and get involved. And once they're in, they find navigating the platform very easy. Overall, TIF has become an indispensable tool for us. It not only simplifies our volunteer management processes but also empowers us to grow our volunteer base and make a greater impact in our school community. If you're looking for a solution to supercharge your volunteer program, look no further than Track it Forward!〞
Community Outreach Specialist
NYOS Charter School
1 month ago
〝Track it Forward has been such an essential tracking tool for our program and our students. The tools are very accessible and all that we need is included in our subscription. Huge shoutout to the staff than run it-- always such a pleasure to interact with and thank you for providing prompt support!〞
Pro Bono Program, Berkeley Law
2 months ago
〝Track it Forward is a great mobile solution for our volunteer trail organization. Our trail ambassadors can report their volunteer hours directly from their bikes, without needing to wait until they get home to a computer. I would highly recommend it to any group working in the outdoors!〞
Chapter Secretary
Westmoreland Heritage Trail
2 months ago
〝This has been a seamless way to sign up and receive reminders and information related to volunteer opportunities at the organization. Very clear and concise communication.〞
Hoogland Center For The Arts
3 months ago
〝I highly recommend Tack It Forward as an invaluable tool for managing volunteer hours. Its user-friendly interface makes entering and approving hours a breeze. The ability to easily modify approved hours saves time and eliminates the need for unnecessary back-and-forth.〞
Facet Arts Chair
The Reston Links, Incorporated
3 months ago
〝My experience with Track it Forward was wonderful! The site made it easy to make sure each student tracked their hours accurately and efficiently.〞
Student Tax Preparer
Colorado VITA
3 months ago
〝[Track it Forward] was a really great way to keep track of my volunteer hours so I wouldn't lose them.〞
Penn-Trafford High School
4 months ago
〝We found Track it Forward in our search for a digital time clock solution for our non-profit. The design of Track it Forward allows us to track the hours of our volunteers, students, interns and staff from entry level through our Board of Directors. Better yet, we can categorize their time by categories we define, which is a valuable reporting tool for staff records, grant applications, and much more. We also appreciate that the price doesn't break the bank for our nonprofit. Well worth it!〞
Executive Director
Cat Tales Wildlife Center
4 months ago
〝We are a nonprofit consulting firm that uses Track it Forward to log hours for our 35+ volunteers every month. Track it Forward is very customizable and allows me to update projects and consultants often and with ease. It's also relatively simple to use for our volunteers who are less technologically savvy and a very teachable platform. The value of what you get compared to the reasonable cost is more than worth it!〞
Operations and Support Manager
Executive Service Corps- Florida
4 months ago
〝We used Track it Forward for our parent engagement/TA Apprenticeship program. The system was very easy to use and had multiple capabilities to add to user needs. We will continue to use it in the future.〞
Niles Township ELL Parent Center
4 months ago
〝I was looking for a way to register the hours our volunteers give to the communities, and I didn’t find one that went according to our needs. I have found Track It Forward and it met our needs. Now we have that “system” to register every volunteer hour and count them to our records. At the end of the year, we can download a report with everything we need and more, like: total hours served, total volunteers, divided by events and activities, and much more information that helps us to do an Achievement Report to share with our followers and supporters. And the best part of this, it has a free plan that works perfectly! Highly recommended.〞
Founder & President
Viajando Borikén
4 months ago
〝We are a very small community volunteer group that works with council and other organisations that require volunteer hour reports. Track it Forward is the easiest and most straightforward solution and we highly recommended it to other groups.〞
Snells Shoreline Conservation Community
6 months ago
〝Track It Forward is a great tool for managing our volunteer hours, especially because it makes record-keeping easier than using paper and pencil. Volunteers can easily access the system online to enter their hours, and managers can run reports for information and analysis. In addition to using this tool for current volunteer hours, we use it to compare data from previous years. The system is convenient and user-friendly.〞
Vice President
Town Lake (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
6 months ago
〝Track it Forward has made it much easier for our volunteers to sign up for events and track their hours. Even our relatively technology-averse volunteers find it easy to use!〞
Member Coordinator
Rowlett Citizen Corps Council
7 months ago
〝Track it Forward is very easy to use and provides necessary reports/tools for tracking of volunteer tasks/hours by category. Though we use it only during summer, it preserves previous years' data for easy reference.〞
CYSP Coordinator
Chinmaya Vrindavan
7 months ago
〝This is an amazing program, we provide a resource and information centre for persons with disabilities, we have volunteers who have disabilities, who volunteer at the resource centre. We have Track it Forward on our website, so when volunteers work in the office they go to our website to place their time. We use the free program, but wish we had the funds to sign up for a full version. It is an amazing game changer for us.〞
Program Manager
Handy Circle Resource Society
8 months ago
〝Track it Forward makes it super easy to track our hours! I volunteer for the library and serve on the teen advisory board and it helps us keep our hours in one system and lets us easily track them for class requirements!〞
Volunteer and Library Teen Advisory Group Member
Union County Public Library
9 months ago
〝I like how [Track it Forward] cuts down the time, and everything’s in one spot. You can run a report for whatever you need and it’s very user-friendly.〞
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Staff Assistant
Weber County Master Gardeners
9 months ago
〝I track my volunteer hours for the Carstairs and District Agricultural Society so they can get credit on an awarded grant. I find the Track it Forward website very useable. I appreciate the efforts gone into making this tool available.〞
ISA Certified Arborist
Carstairs and District Agricultural Society
9 months ago
〝Track it Forward is a great way to keep track of all your volunteer hours! It provides a way to look back and tabulate the amount of hours you put in and what you did for each of those hours. Great for tracking hours for resume and CVs. My medical school uses it, and it helps us tremendously with residency applications.〞
Student Government Association Executive Vice-President
Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine
9 months ago
〝Track it Forward makes it so easy to track my service hours for my scholarship. Everything is very simple and straight-forward.〞
Kessler Scholars
10 months ago
〝We really enjoy using Track it Forward...it's a simple, straightforward system that has everything we need.〞
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Volunteer Coordinator
East Lake Community Library
10 months ago
〝In the past, volunteers had to manually record their volunteer hours by program and report them monthly to the person in charge of accumulating all the volunteer hours. It was time intensive and many people always waited til the last minute to record their hours. Now everyone can log into their own Track It Forward account and record their volunteer hours. It is easy and the reporting by program is super easy. It is a great program.〞
Assistance League of Denver
1 year ago
〝Track it Forward makes it easy to track our service hours for school. I am able to do this right on my phone which makes it convenient and we are able to view our total hours in order to see how we are doing so far for the year.〞
St. Francis High School
Parent Volunteer
〝I oversee 19 volunteer ambassadors for our chamber. Track it Forward makes it super easy to post events for my ambassadors to RSVP, run reports showing who has volunteered, and see when the last time an ambassador logged into their app. This helps me know if one might need additional support if they're not logging on. Track it Forward is an efficient use of my time instead of using spreadsheets or paper and pen. I highly recommend using Track it Forward if you oversee volunteers.〞
Partner Relations Manager
The Chamber of Catawba County
〝Track it Forward has made it so easy for our members to keep track of their hours in a timely fashion. We can log our hours immediately and not have to keep up with a paper document. It is easy on our projects committee to review and approve hours as well.〞
Junior Auxiliary of Winona
Vice President
〝Our organization started using Track it Forward in late 2022 to record our volunteer Nordic trail grooming, trail maintenance, and related equipment maintenance hours. (Hour logging is a requirement when submitting for grant reimbursement, and we used the 2022-23 season to bring our volunteers up to speed with Track it Forward in a year with no active grant.) The ability to customize the hour log entry form allowed us to easily collect the specific information we need. And, the provided reporting capabilities that allow data retrieval, exported to spreadsheets, have been hugely beneficial for other purposes as well!〞
Seeley Lake Nordic Ski Club
〝We’ve used Track it Forward for about 2 years now to track hours for our volunteers. As a small non-profit we have been amazed at how Track it Forward has shown us where our volunteers spend most of their time. This has been a very useful tool for our organization.〞
Henry's Home Horse & Human Sanctuary
〝It’s been a positive experience using Track it Forward! It’s very user friendly and I love that it can create an Excel sheet of the times you’ve entered.〞
Therapist and Nurse
Roberta's House
〝Using Track it Forward has been great for promoting and recording parent volunteer opportunities and hours. It’s an easy way to set up events in advance or send out an email blast for a last minute need.〞
Wildflower Cottage for Children
〝Track it Forward is absolutely the best way to keep track of volunteer hours! Volunteers can easily record their volunteer time and also which category of service is involved. Moreover, categories and time increments are easily customizable.〞
Fairfax Tree Stewards
〝Track it Forward has allowed us to have an easy and efficient way to keep track of all the hours our volunteers put in and we can monitor the time spent alleviating the plight of less privileged children in our community.〞
Do it for the Kids
〝Track it Forward has made it so much easier to keep track of my large group of 400 high school seniors and juniors. The ability to get a signature on the app, as well as the GPS ping makes it very easy for my students to "prove" their service. The event feature is wonderful! This feature allows me to give all of my students credit for attending meetings and events by simply telling them to join a particular event on Track it Forward. I can then give all of them credit at the same time and I don't have to approve each student individually. It's great! Lastly, I appreciate how Track it Forward allows me to generate reports. Those reports help me tell the school at large about my club and how much my students volunteer. It also helps me to give credit to students who complete all of their required hours. Thank you Track it Forward for the awesome program!!!〞
Teacher and Organization Sponsor
National Honor Society
〝Track it Forward has been a great asset for our organization! It is easy to use and makes it so much easier to keep track of volunteer hours and provide reports needed at the end of each year. It works so well!〞
Parthenon (TN) Chapter of the Links Incorporated
〝Track It Forward is easy for both the organizer and the end user. We have students track their leadership fieldwork hours in this tool. We were able to quickly customize it and pull required reports.〞
Educational Leadership Department Chair
University of Nebraska at Omaha
〝Track It Forward allows our members to keep track of our volunteer hours and produce reports at the end of the year for our national organization. It helps the members sign up for events and gives them credit for doing so. It is truly invaluable for us!〞
Village Improvement Association
〝I’ve had a great experience with Track it Forward. Initially the site was used to track volunteer hours, however, so much more can be accomplished. The site is primarily used to scheduling meetings and events in addition to tracking volunteer hours. The site is user friendly, the tutorials are user friendly, and customer service is as prompt as it is effective. Many more features are available such as virtual attendance or logins. The site offers practically everything a volunteer organization needs to operate.〞
Program Chair
Port City (TX) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
〝Track it Forward has changed the way our volunteers report back on events in rural Maui County. Instead of telephone, emails or postal letters, our Volunteer Coordinator receives real-time data about participants' health, miles traveled, hours invested and any notes to report back to our office. Track it Forward provides a seamless, easy-to-use platform to communicate directly with volunteers, with full reporting capabilities and the retention of historical data.〞
Na Hoaloha-Maui Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers
〝Track It Forward has been a great way for our volunteers to view and sign up for different volunteer opportunities on the farm. With the ability to set profile fields we can make sure that all volunteers are trained before doing the job they sign up for. This has been an important feature for us since we have a lot going on at once. It also helps keep us connected with volunteers with easy messaging options.〞
Volunteer Coordinator
Wright-Locke Farm
〝Track it Forward has made my life easier with keeping track of volunteers and their hours. The program has great tutorials and I like how I can be helped step by step. It was a little confusing at first to navigate only because it was a new system. Now it's a breeze especially with the help of the online support team. They have answered my questions in a timely manner and helped me navigate the site.〞
US Program Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator
Moms Against Poverty
〝We have had great experience with Track it Forward. It's very user friendly and we have enjoyed being a part of the beta trials and providing feedback to better the software for volunteer hubs like ours.〞
Director of Volunteer Services
Stronger Together Oxford
〝Track it Forward has been an amazing addition for our Key Club this year! Members have enjoyed the calendar feature and the ease of signing up for events and my leaders and I have saved hours of time each month because it is so efficient and simple to verify service hours. The customer support is absolutely first rate. Every question we have is answered almost immediately and the support team helped us make a few modifications that our leadership team was interested in. Finally, the data collected and presented makes it so easy for us to promote our club's service activities and honor students who are going above and beyond.〞
Faculty Sponsor
Maine South Key Club
〝This application works perfectly for our organization's purposes of tracking volunteer hours adequately and in real-time.〞
Hilton Head (SC) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
〝Track It Forward support is excellent - any question I've had has been promptly and accurately answered. Desktop and App options allow our students to track their field experience and make note of important observations in real-time.〞
Department Chair & Associate Professor
UNO Educational Leadership
〝I like Track It Forward because is highly user friendly. It's very easy to run reports, to check volunteer activity and hours. If for any reason you need to contact the support team, you will be greatly surprise how soon they respond.〞
Volunteer Coordinator
Loudoun Free Clinic
〝Track it Forward has been a big help in tracking our volunteer hours for our non-profit organization. We do numerous activities, and this program allows us to quickly see how our volunteers are doing. It's very easy to use and we use the results to recognize our volunteers. Previously we used a manual method, but that proved cumbersome. Track it Forward is far superior to other methods we tried, and our members love it.〞
Senior Advisor and Treasurer
Air Force Sergeants Association Chapter 615
〝Track it Forward has solved our problem of tracking volunteer hours from our parents. We tried several other techniques prior. This app hits all the marks for us!〞
Discovery Montessori
〝We love Track it Forward to support our volunteers and intern time management goals. We appreciate how volunteers can log in their hours on the go via mobile app or via our internal web portal.〞
Step Up For Mental Health®
〝Track it Forward has been an asset for us in keeping track of our volunteers. It is user-friendly and I was able to navigate the site to find what I need. I look forward to finding more ways to utilize Track it Forward.〞
Executive Assistant
Hands for Hope aka Hands4HopeLA.org
〝Track It Forward has been simple for me to use to record volunteer events and hours. I have found the historical data they retain makes report retrieval easy. I appreciate the organization listens to its users and provides enhanced user capabilities.〞
S. Ashley
Portland (OR) Chapter The Links, Incorporated
〝Our non-profit has about 70 members and we use Track It Forward to keep track of the number of hours our member women volunteer in a variety of categories, including Civic Engagement and Outreach, Health and Wellness, Environment, Arts and Culture, Education and Libraries, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention and Anti-Trafficking, and more. In January of each year, our members write reports that are sent to our State Chairs. Track It Forward has made keeping track of these hours so simple! We get a very accurate account of how we’ve spent our time. Additionally, our chairs are becoming adept at creating events for our members to sign up for in advance of various activities and events. Since this is our first year using the program, there is certainly a learning curve and we have a few members who don’t yet feel comfortable with the program, but we are supporting them and we hope we will have everyone onboard soon. As President, I am very happy to know that when report writing time comes this January, I will be ready to focus on our wonderful work in a really convenient and easy to access format.〞
GFWC Zwaanendael Women’s Club
〝We had been looking for a program that allowed volunteers to easily sign up for shifts and log their hours. Track it Forward has been a great solution that has saved us so much time coordinating volunteers.〞
Share Shed Bassendean
〝[Track it Forward] has been extremely helpful for our Chapter members to log service hours.〞
Junior Auxiliary of East St. Mary
〝Perfect for Volunteers Management on the go...This is the first volunteer manager software that I’ve used with an app! And, I think that’s an amazing perk. I can’t wait to see what future holds for new features.〞
Apple User
〝Track it Forward is a great way to track all of my community service events!〞
〝Great way for a donor based agency to keep track of volunteer hours! Best part, is we can see how volunteers used their time, so that we can report to donors and other stakeholders.〞
Clinical Director
Center for Community Counseling
〝Track It Forward is a fantastic program! It is user friendly and offers so many features. It makes everything easier. The milestone feature is a favorite of ours since our volunteers can track their progress and know when it's time for a skills test and evaluation to "level up" and work with different, more challenging horses. It allows us to see at a quick glance who has signed up or cancelled a shift. I would definitely recommend Track It Forward to someone looking for a user friendly program with lots of features!〞
Volunteer Director
Hope Equine Rescue
〝Track it Forward offers us a great tool to get organized and measure our volunteers hard work. It is very clear and easy to use. I referred Track it Forward to big corporations and my friends.〞
Together To Help
〝This platform is so user friendly and accounts for volunteer hours accurately and in real time.〞
Centre d'Action Bénévole de la Missisquoi-Nord
〝Track it Forward has made organizing and accessing data MUCH easier! I love that it's easy on our volunteers' end to look at the calendar, sign up for events, and log their hours. And I love how on my end it's easy to approve hours, look at data trends, and run reports for our monthly board updates!〞
Guest Experience Coordinator
Armstrong Air and Space Museum
〝I have found Track It Forward to be very user-friendly. This comes in handy because volunteers are very busy already with full-time careers, other organizations, and families, etc. Therefore it is very helpful that Track It Forward is such a well-organized site and time on the site is well-spent. Saving time is half the battle. Thanks for all you do!〞
Regina A.
Durham Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Works perfectly for our club's purposes of tracking volunteer hours.〞
Kathleen N.
Village Improvement Association
〝Our school has been using this program for several years and it is super useful and helpful to the school and the parents.〞
Sylvia F.
St. John Neumann Catholic School
〝It's been a good way for parents to keep track of their hours and for us to access the reports we need.〞
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Parish School
〝Works very well and easy to use.〞
Yvonne M.
〝Easy to use and great support.〞
Ernie R.
Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) Inc.
〝I love how clear Track it Forward is!〞
Leah C.
World Relief
〝I’m particularly fond of [the reports]; I can export those to excel and…upload to our FEMA reporting software...[and] having members…enter their own time saves me 15 hours a month directly〞
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Bud S.
Emergency Services and Volunteer Coordinator
Nassau County ARES
〝Track it Forward...has all the functionality we need to coordinate events and log hours with our volunteers. As a small non-profit organization, email is our main medium of communication and Track it Forward makes it easy to schedule reminders and communicate one-on-one with volunteers...We've found that their user interface is really user friendly and required very little training on my part as the volunteer coordinator.〞
CREW Land & Water Trust
〝This platform is so user friendly and accounts for volunteer hours accurately and in real time.〞
Maria B.
Wilmington Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Track it Forward is awesome!〞
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Shane R.
Chico Parks Department
〝Implementing Track It Forward saves hassle, emails, trees, and especially TIME. We can easily check an individual’s total or run a report for the entire month or year. Fabulous! Track it Forward is quick and easy for volunteers to use. It streamlines my job of collecting and reporting their hours each month. In the past we were required to gather a paper timesheet signed by each volunteer every month. Especially since our volunteers work remotely now, we don’t interact in-person often. This system is a dream!〞
Heidi B.
Volunteer Tutor Coordinator
Asian Pacific Development Center
〝This is a very user friendly system that works. Track it Forward allows multiple users to place their information, tracking hours, and the details of the things they completed.〞
JKeshawn B.
Supreme Anti Basileus - Community and Political Outreach
〝Very easy to use this system. Also, the support has been very good, answering all of my questions.〞
Patrick C.
St. Isidore School
〝We have used Track it Forward...for over 12 months and have been very impressed with the way in which it has reduced the time required for capturing program data. We would heartily recommend it to other organisations who have a volunteer workforce and need to capture data about performance. Track it Forward has meant that our volunteers can update their hours directly, and the reports...can be extracted and provided to our Board easily at the end of each reporting period. We can show the value of the program to funders in a clear, accurate and transparent way, and this gives them greater confidence in our performance. Our volunteers find it easy to use and have all embraced the process happily, and with confidence.〞
Celia M.
Senior Project and Policy Officer
Victim Support Service South Australia
〝Track it Forward is quick and easy to use! Thanks to Track it Forward, managing volunteer hours submitted by hundreds of people takes no time at all. The interface is user friendly and requires little technical skill. I would recommend this platform to anyone in need!〞
Brandy B.
〝We have tracked all of our student volunteers, graduation hours, and collaboration events on our Organizer Dashboard [in Track it Forward]. The direct-to-consumer contact communication streamlines our outreach program...Before Track it Forward, we used Google Sheets and had to publicly expose all our members' hours to everyone.〞
Diamond Bar National Honor Society
〝Easy to use and to set up!〞
Cathy D.
Northwood Woman's Club
〝I have found that Track It Forward has immensely improved the efficiency and accuracy of Teens Tutor Teens’s capacity to record volunteer hours. Not only has it made the lives of my volunteers easier through its streamlined hour logging services, but it has also allowed me to quickly approve or deny these hours with ease. Overall, Track It Forward is the best of both worlds. It is fast and easy to use and encourages me to interact with the volunteers in case small changes in their hour submissions are necessary.〞
Bailey M.
Teens Tutor Teens
〝Excellent tool.〞
Ethel H.
Triangle Park Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝This is a great way to track volunteer hours.〞
Brenda K.
Blue Triangle Quilt Guild of Houston
〝I continue to be pleased with the ease of hours submission as well as the excellent customer service I receive.〞
Deborah W.
Hendersonville Area Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Great tool, easy to use.〞
Tedra A.
Durham Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝We try to highlight how easy it is to use [Track it Forward]...It literally takes 10 seconds to get your hours submitted...It's been a great tool for me. It's intuitive, pretty simple. I like it.〞
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Russell W.
100 Black Men of Las Vegas
〝Track it Forward is a great tool to track your volunteers' hours - very user friendly...I've been using it for about 6+ years and it works really well.〞
Rachel E.
Development Coordinator
Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey
〝Excellent and easy tool to use.〞
Gail P.
Fort Lauderdale Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝[Track it Forward] makes it easy for us to get things done...It's just a very easy and simple way to engage students...and particularly to track compliance and professionalize your program.〞
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Sara L.
Leadership and Volunteering Team Leader
Swinburne University
〝Excellent product. Easy to setup and use.〞
Kevin C.
〝Easy to use and user friendly.〞
Adrian S.
Fulton County Sheriff's Office
〝Easy to track volunteer hours.〞
Rita M.
〝Very user-friendly.〞
Carla W.
Reston Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝I love this tool to set meetings.〞
Roz F.
Durham Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Great app for groups!〞
Shelby M.
Willow Oak Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Easy to work with for participants and approvers.〞
Lynne W.
Potomac Valley Master Naturalists
〝This program is AWESOME and efficient.〞
Cecilia W.
Knoxville Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Being able to run a report and export it and get all these statistics...really legitimizes us as an entity for the administration of the police department. We can show [how much] time we contribute to the police department events and community events.〞
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Dionne H.
Police Dispatcher and Program Mentor
West Bend Police Cadets
〝Easy and comprehensive tracking.〞
Twuanna W.
Knoxville Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Easy to use and love the reports that are available.〞
Jack L.
Wauconda C.E.R.T.
〝It is the easiest and best volunteer hour tracker on the market.〞
Jennifer W.
Azalea City Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝I like the system a lot...[Track it Forward] makes it a lot easier to keep up with your volunteer time as well as managing your calendar.〞
Pattie W.
North Broward County Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Track it Forward works great for me to get an accurate picture of each month's volunteer hours. It is easy to use and not a chore.〞
Sam S.
〝[Track it Forward] is VERY easy to use with students getting volunteer hours, and customer support is super helpful with fast response time.〞
Christi C.
〝[Track it Forward] works well for our organization. Tracking service hours has become so much easier.〞
Evelyn E.
Selma Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝[Track it Forward] is easy and convenient and that's what I need in my position as an events coordinator for my school.〞
Shayla F.
Events Coordinator
〝User interface is very simple to use and contains a wealth of information that is quick to access.〞
Eric J.
Pikes Peak C.E.R.T.
〝Easy to use and the support team is quick to assist.〞
Sandra J.
Flourish Bakery
〝Great tool to track hours! Easy to use and provide reports.〞
Kathy M.
Lilburn Woman's Club
〝Excellent for tracking and reporting. Has been very helpful for us.〞
Nancy & Lynn C.
Longbranch Improvement Club
〝Easy to use. Perfect for adding events and volunteer hours.〞
Christine A.
Douglas Land Conservancy
〝Track it forward is very easy to use and customer service is good.〞
Maria K.
Loudoun Free Clinic
〝[Track it Forward] is really easy to use and our volunteers like it a lot.〞
Robin G.
〝[Track it Forward] is currently the most efficient Volunteer management program I have seen in use.〞
Stefanie P.
〝[Track it Forward] is an easy, intuitive, and effective way to track and communicate with volunteers.〞
Greg D.
Wauconda C.E.R.T.
〝[Track it Forward] has made my life so much easier in terms of managing the group. Also, it has increased participation due to it being online and professional! Thanks to the Track it Forward team <3, and keep it up!〞
Shehla H.
Oman Think Urban
〝[Track it Forward] is like having a volunteer coordinator! So much help!〞
Jessie R.
Worthy Stables
〝Track It Forward has been a great tool for us at Mount Rose Links, I have recommended and introduced it to a number of other Links Chapters in the Eastern footprint.〞
Rosalind D.
Mount Rose Chapter of the Links
〝[Track it Forward] is a user-friendly program and perfect for other nonprofits.〞
Anna J.
Hearts Unite the Globe
〝Track it Forward has streamlined our efforts to keep up with the community service requirements of our club. It is a wonderful tool and we appreciate the use of it.〞
Linda F.
EJCHS Beta Club
〝This product makes it easy to keep track of student intern hours and allows for a way for them to reach set goals and know where they are each week. It allows for approved hours from anywhere and since we have been required to do more remote work, it works well!〞
Vivian S.
Director of Field Education
〝Track it Forward is an aweseome and efficient manager for keeping up with volunteer hours.〞
Valeria B.
Orlando Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Love the ability to report volunteers hours with ease and the charts for reporting the progress of members.〞
Myra S.
Columbia Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝This came highly recommended, and once I did my research I liked Track it Forward better. I love it, and I'm sorry that I waited so long to use it.〞
Kelli B.
Volunteer Coordinator
〝[Track it Forward] is comprehensive and easy to use.〞
Simone V.
〝[Track it Forward] has been super helpful to our organization!〞
Kimberly B.
〝Great way to track volunteer hours...Easy to set up and volunteers find it simple to navigate.〞
Sabrina J.
〝I like the convenience and accuracy.:〞
Villajean J.
St. Louis Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Track it Forward has been great for our organization.〞
Shirley P.
Prince George's County Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Track it Forward staff has been a joy to work with. The software is flexible, easy to use and clearly laid out.〞
Jim E.
Glean Kentucky
〝[Track it Forward] has been a really good program for our needs. it's very user friendly and the reports of very useful...I would recommend this program.〞
Beth T.
St. Mary's Catholic School
〝[Track it Forward] has given us the capability to do things we never did before. It’s helped us to grow into a much more organized group, and it is like taking the next step forward after being a very small organization. I feel like we are moving more into the big-time category in the sense that we can reach donors and sponsors and have information at our fingertips.〞
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Pam H.
Volunteer Leader and Board Member
Friends of The Hammock, Inc.
〝Adopting Track It Forward was...pretty game-changing...The simplicity of the tool, from my point of view, is the best feature. The fact that you can log in and make an hour log that quickly is incredible.〞
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Chris S.
Gardens for Charlestown
〝[Track it Forward] is extremely helpful and also simple to use.〞
Lisa K.
Durham Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Track it Forward is very stable, well laid out, easy to use, customizable, inclusive and intuitive. Customer service is knowledgeable and responds quickly. Developers are always listening to customers and looking to improve. All software companies should be like [Track it Forward]. Great job!〞
Mary C.
Denton Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association
〝Very simple to use! Helping us out immensely!〞
Diane G.
〝Easy, accurate and fast, what more do I need?〞
Cassandria S.
Channel Islands Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝I have enjoyed using [Track it Forward]. It is easy to navigate and my volunteers find it easy to work with as well.〞
Kelly K.
Kalamazoo County CASA
〝[Track it Forward] has been the best way to keep track of my service hours.〞
Phyllis W.
Treasure Coast Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Love the platform! Saves so much paper and so easy to use. We would never capture as many volunteer hours without Track It Forward. The reporting saves a ton of time when updating the land managers we work with and submitting hours for matching grant opportunities.〞
Chris C.
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
〝Track it Forward is great!〞
Mary J.
〝Track it Forward has whittled down the hours it takes to organize our parent volunteers. Saving time and saving money!〞
Bridgid S.
St. Francis High School
〝Our organziation has had great success using this program.〞
Monica M.
Village Improvement Association
〝Great tool for tracking service hours for our organization & user friendly!〞
Lotatia S.
Azalea City Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Meets all of our needs; easy to use; love the reporting functions.〞
Nicole B.
Reston Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝[Track it Forward] makes it very easy to track our volunteer hours. Easy to use and the reports are great as well.〞
Deborah H.
Parthenon Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝[Track it Forward] really helps me organize hours for my organization.〞
Terri G.
Magic City Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝Thank you for being open to customer feedback and for helping to streamline our tracking!〞
Cory W.
California Western School of Law
〝I am very happy with the functionality of Track it Forward - it is a great and simple system to keep track of my volunteers, and in turn they find it easy to use as well.〞
Anneka R.
Volunteer Coordinator
Nutrien Wonderhub
〝Easy to Use and Great Customer Service...If anyone asks, I would highly recommend Track it Forward.〞
Katie H.
Volunteer Time Tracking
〝Our goal was just to have more accuracy when tracking our hours and...Track It Forward is going to help us with that.〞
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Angela T.
Technology Chair
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.
〝[Volunteers] can easily sign-in from their computer or phone. [Track it Forward] is very easy.〞
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Levi L.
Executive Director
Smile On Seniors
〝We just use the very simplest part of Track It Forward, it just works so well for us that way.〞
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Kim D.
Valley Disaster Relief
〝This app is quite simple to use; user friendly. Thank you!〞
Calgary Child Advocacy Centre
〝I love Track it Forward!〞
Jeanette C.
Potomac Chapter of the Links, Inc.
〝The app is very useful for reporting volunteer hours.〞
Mike H.
Dupont Circle Village
〝You can log on to [Track it Forward] and easily see what members have done what. Who may be lacking hours, for example, you can see halfway through the year...Track it Forward truly makes life easier; we are all busy and this helps.〞
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Sarah W.
Junior of Auxiliary of Greenwood
〝Thank you for a great product!〞
Gillian M.
North Lincoln High School
〝We love the ease of use for the [Track it Forward] application and are looking forward to promoting this more within our organization to track the good work that we do as a company and workforce within the community.〞
Gordon L.
Physicians Health Plan
〝[The app] makes it super easy to track your hours.〞
Google User
〝Using Track it Forward allows our volunteers to have accountability and visibility of how many hours they are volunteering. Week by week our volunteers and Ardoch can see in real time the impact we are having in the community. For the first time, we feel confident that all the amazing work our volunteers do is being captured and reported on correctly and efficiently.〞
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Sarah S.
Programs Coordinator
Ardoch - Australian Children's Education Charity
〝Exactly what we need--nothing of what we don't...Easy to implement.〞
John N.
Volunteer Coordinator
Nature Nonprofit
〝I like the Track-It Forward software because of its versatility and ease of use...The customer service is spot on and very pleasant.〞
Michelle H.
Volunteer Coordinator
〝Ever since we’ve started using Track it Forward, we’ve had more and more students logging their hours. It’s been great! The mobile app has been really useful and makes it much easier for them too...We’re able to track hours, finally...and students are using it more and more which has been a challenge in the past. The ease and simplicity of the system has been extremely helpful and we’re now able to determine who is doing what, when, and where.〞
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Kelly M.
Associate Director
Johns Hopkins University
〝Overall, Track it Forward has completely streamlined my process and has made it so much easier to keep track of volunteers and their hours,〞
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Lacey M.
Volunteer Director
San Luis Obispo Repertory Theatre
〝Track It Forward is an amazing resource that allows for easy tracking and reports! Our volunteers love the mobile app and the ease of using the tool. Our staff love the easy to generate and read reports. The reports make for much easier grant reporting and are saving a huge amount of staff time.〞
Glenda N.
Executive Director
〝Track it Forward has been excellent for tracking volunteer time for our nonprofit organization. The interface is clean and very simple for our volunteers to use. The organizer dashboard is easy for the admins to use as well.〞
Amber K.
Communications Committee Member
〝I found the software to be very user-friendly...But what stands out to me the most is their caring staff! Their customer service is top notch.〞
Karen S.
〝[Track it Forward] is a great program, even for small schools.〞
Kacy S.
Administrative Assistant
〝Track it Forward has exceeded all my expectations from the software to the customer service.〞
Delena H.
〝Quick, simple, and easy! [Track it Forward] is so easy to use. I use it for two organizations and both are very happy with it. We would recommend it.〞
Kathy B.
〝Great app. Easy to use.〞
Google User
〝A great app that helps you keep track of your hours without the use of paper.〞
Google User
〝My agency is a not-for-profit with a field staff recruitment requirement as part of the grant. We use Track It Forward to organize our planned events, manage sign-ups, track hours, and analyze trends. The customization has allowed us to drill-down for analysis even further.〞
Google User
〝I really love the [Track it Forward] app. It’s incredibly easy-to-use, even for someone who isn’t tech-savvy.〞
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Carol P.
Volunteer Coordinator
Readers 2 Leaders
〝Track It Forward saves us a lot of time and headaches.〞
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Maria B.
Volunteer Services Manager
Catholic Charities of Baltimore
〝We have over 400 families to keep track of and Track It Forward is a phenomenal system. It's very user-friendly.〞
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Melanie B.
Director of Development
Greer Middle College Charter High School
〝[For] all of the organizations that I have been a part of that require volunteer work, [Track it Forward] would be a great tool and I would certainly try to incorporate it in any way that I could.〞
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Sharon K.
Los Gatos Rowing Club
〝It’s really easy with Track It Forward, I don’t have to go through and add up [everyone's] hours individually.〞
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Taylor K.
Philanthropy Chair
Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority
〝Tracking volunteers is easier now that we have Track it Forward, especially because we can automatically generate forms and reports. It’s saved us a lot of time. It’s very user-friendly!〞
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Whitney W.
The Academy for Classical Education Charter School
〝It’s very useful to be able to log in and see the total hours volunteered according to each department and according to each activity...The most valuable aspect of Track it Forward is the ability to empower volunteers to take control of their own hour tracking.〞
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Emma N.
Volunteer Coordinator
North Carolina Museum of Life and Sciences
〝I feel like [Track it Forward] runs itself.〞
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St. Matthew Catholic School
〝I feel like this program is made for NHS officers to use...Thanks for making an awesome service that makes it a lot easier for us!〞
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Jack M.
Mount Si National Honor Society
〝It really fits our needs. It’s a great value. The students are enjoying the autonomy. I can’t say more wonderful things about Track it Forward.〞
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Piedmont High School
〝Track it Forward is a great volunteer time tracking database. It is very powerful, yet it still remains easy to use and is affordable for a nonprofit. This app works very well and allows volunteers to enter their time on the fly. The developer is actively working on enhancements and responds quickly to support questions.〞
Google User
〝We love Traack it Forward, it has transformed our volunteers' experience...It makes my job easier to be able to run reports each month, which we report to our nonprofit board.〞
Jeff K.
Director of Internships and Volunteer Services
〝Track it Forward rocks...[it] lets me focus on student needs and not on counting volunteer time...I created categories for their volunteer time and Track it Forward does the rest. Love it!〞
Kelly D.
National Honor Society
〝Track it Forward is really user friendly and a good way to replace time-consuming excel spreadsheets! As one of the administrators I find it very flexible and efficient. Our members who use it like tracking their own time in this method.〞
Steve C.
RR Museum
〝The biggest benefit [of Track it Forward] is that it’s saving me personally a lot of staff hours while not minimizing the recognition of the volunteers.〞
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Jennifer M.
Officer and Volunteer Program Coordinator
Newport Beach Police Department
〝I was so excited to find this app. We use it for our school PTA.〞
Google User
〝[Track it Forward] is easy for me to use as well as our volunteers...Overall i's a really effective site to use, and the customer service is on point. They are personable and always get back to you as soon as possible.〞
Jessi D.
〝[Track it Forward] has been working perfectly. Members can easily log in their hours from their mobile devices or the website, managers can record hours on a member's behalf and quickly pull reports, and members can be recognized for the hours they report. Great service!〞
Amanda W.
〝This site is the best I have found for our school volunteers...I can not say enough how much easier [Track it Forward] has made my life as the Volunteer Coordinator for our school. It is so user friendly, and gives great data for our foundation to use...Thank you for creating this invaluable tool!〞
Tonje W.
PTO VP of Volunteering
〝[Track it Forward] is easily the best volunteer management system around...The #1 indicator of how great this site is is the fact that my volunteers love it!〞
Carmen E.
Program & Volunteer Coordinator
〝By implementing the [Track it Forward] system, parents were able to easily log time via computer or smartphone and not worry about sign in sheets getting lost.〞
Karen L.
Website Administrator
〝Track it Forward is a great tool, and the price is right...The event scheduling feature has been a huge time-saver for us already.〞
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Eric S.
CEO and Board President
Corona Little League
〝Very easy to use and understand.〞
Google User
〝The [Track it Forward app] is a fast and convenient way to log my hours!〞
Google User
〝I absolutely love how I, and my volunteers, can use the app to log our hours...It's very easy to use and I am looking forward to keeping up with three different groups at my kid's schools on it.〞
Apple User
〝The [Track it Forward] app does exactly what it is supposed to...It works great as a secondary method for logging volunteer hours on the fly. Simple, and easy to use...This program is going to be just what our school needs.〞
Apple User
〝Great App! I love using this app to log volunteer hours for my children's school. It's so easy to use and saves lots of time!〞
Apple User
〝[Track it Forward] is easy to use and maneuver.〞
Diana S.
Herbal Society of America
〝[Volunteers] love to be on the app, logging their hours and seeing [how far away] they are from 1,000...They use the app more, especially because they don’t have wifi in the campgrounds.〞
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Rachael H.
Volunteer Coordinator
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
〝Track it Forward has been such an essential tracking tool for our program and our students. The tools are very accessible and all that we need is included in our subscription. Huge shoutout to the staff than run it-- always such a pleasure to interact with and thank you for providing prompt support!〞
Pro Bono Program, Berkeley Law