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Sports Clubs Track Volunteer Hours

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How a Rowing Club Tracks Required Service Hours with Track it Forward

Sharon Kirk has been serving as the President of Los Gatos Rowing Club for the past year. The Rowing Club, operating as a nonprofit since 1975, consists of about 120 junior high school rowers. Each of them is required a minimum of 12 hours of service, and they are charged $25 per hour for each hour that they are short.

The Rowing Club used to track hours with paper sheets and excel spreadsheets. After implementing Track it Forward, they now have all of the information they need available instantaneously while also saving a ton of time. With both parents and rowers are required to contribute volunteer work, the Rowing Club has over 400 volunteers to manage and keep track of. "It's a lot of paperwork and a logistical nightmare if I don't have this program," says Sharon.

"Of all of the organizations that I have been a part of that require volunteer work, this would be a great tool and I would certainly try to incorporate it in any way that I could," says Kirk.

One of the best things about Track it Forward is the ability to pull up individuals by name or activity and use that information to build reports and ultimately get grants. Having proof of the value of volunteer time and being able to effectively report on those metrics in a quantitative and exact way is a tremendous asset for the Rowing Club.

Sharon also loves the new event scheduling feature (shown below), because their organization is mostly structured around certain events. Volunteers can sign up for different shifts and duties for each match. "What I need it to do, it's doing perfectly. And every time I have a question, I get an answer so quickly,” she says.

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