Kasey Murphy | Track It Forward

Kasey Murphy

Content Marketing Manager

Kasey was a volunteer throughout college and high school for many different organizations like The Soup Kitchen, The Joseph House, and The Salvation Army - she was out there ringing those bells during the holiday season! She had to use volunteer tracking to fulfill requirements for clubs like National Honors Societies, sports teams, and her sorority. 

For an extensive time, she was a journalist in Raleigh, North Carolina where she wrote features and worked with multiple nonprofit organizations that had various volunteers to tell their story. Within her sorority, she became a volunteer coordinator for over 150 women and learned the true efforts that coordinators and organization leaders go through to make volunteering happen. 

This understanding, along with her passion for writing and marketing lead her to a Content Marketing Manager position with Track It Forward. She hopes to allow people to feel confident and comfortable when reading and seeing content from Track It Forward like they are talking to a friend! 

 While she is not creating content, she is planning her next travel destination, having been to 18 countries, she still has plenty more to get to!