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Log Volunteer Hours Without Wifi Connection or Service

Offline Mode introduces volunteer hour logging from a mobile device without connection, an easy way to log hours wherever and whenever without worrying about lack of service!

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Volunteers Can Log Hours Normally and Add Advanced Verifications like GPS Location and Photos

Clearly enabled with a red bar at the top of the page, offline mode turns on when there is no wifi or data connection on the mobile device. Volunteers can log their hour amount, type of activity, and add verifications on offline mode. This means they can log hours and add a GPS location and photo without any cellular service.

Offline Hours Are Added to a Pending Queue

After volunteers log their hours, they will receive a notification telling them their hours have been added to a pending queue. The volunteer can synchronize the hours once they have service, or from their other connected devices.

Volunteers Clearly See When Synchronization Needs to Occur and After They Log Hours Offline

In offline mode, still clearly shown in red, volunteers can see that there are pending hours and that syncing needs to occur. They will see this through the sync pending hours button at the top of the page, whether in offline mode or not.

Admins Can Continue Normal Volunteer Tracking Processes Once Synced

All pending hours, when synced, will move to the appropriate place based on your volunteer tracking settings. If you have an approval process set up, synced hours will move to the approval queue, if not they will be automatically approved!

Need some more information on Offline Mode?

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