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Use Conditional Logic To Better Categorize Report Data!

When you use conditional logic, you are able to provide questions only for volunteers that answer specifically to a previous question, you also can create conditional milestones!

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Set Up Hour Logs With Conditional Logic

This is your first step! A lot of people enjoy this feature if they are an organization that has a lot of different activities or committees that they would like to differentiate from. Start by deciding which one you are going to be using to differentiate, and then add additional fields.

Customize Your Conditional Logic

When you add a field you can add another question and a multitude of types of answers. Numeric Text, paragraph text, checkbox, dropdown field, radios, date, files, and GPS! Then press configure conditionals to assign these fields to a specific answer to the activity or organization that a volunteer picks!

Configure Multiple Answers To Get As Much Information As You Need!

You can get much more information from an hour log which can then be used in reports from using conditional formatting. Pick when you would like the questions to come up - when a previous answer is answered a certain way!

Include Any Of Your Conditional Statements Into Reports

When you do an all-volunteer report, you can pick the data that shows up on the report. This is when the conditional logic comes in handy! If you wanted to run a report on everyone who volunteered for one committee, doing one type of virtual activity, including their notes - we can do that for you!

Instantly Have Relevant Data In Reports

When you run the reports you will be able to see only the relevant information under the categories that are needed. So, no more asking volunteers nonrelevant questions, and no more digging through data. With conditional logic, it is all here for you!

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