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Volunteers and organizers can easily track requirements or goals with the milestones feature!

This shows up on the volunteer and organizer dashboard for encouragement for volunteers to track more hours and for organizers to track overall goal progress.

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See How Many Volunteers Reach A Goal or Requirement

Immediately upon login to your organizer dashboard, a milestone icon will appear at the top right of the screen, if you have milestones set up. This will showcase in your volunteer program, how many individuals have completed or are working on their goal. To see a full milestone report, click the bottom link.

Showcase Quickly Your Volunteer Program Progress

By clicking the view full milestone report link you are able to see exactly who has achieved your volunteer program goals and who is still working on these goals. You will also be able to see how close certain volunteers are to achieving the milestone goal or requirement. This report can be exported instantly.

Easy Milestone Goal or Requirement Setup

In the Organizer Dashboard, you click on the milestone tab. Within this tab the following options will come up: Single, Multiple, or No Milestone Requirements, How Many Hours, and Over What Period Of Time. Please keep in mind that multiple conditional milestones are part of the premium plan. After this, the milestone and your volunteer’s progress will calculate automatically.

Volunteers See Their Milestone Progress Too

When a volunteer logs in to track time or to see their events, their screen will look like this. The top right will show them a bar of how close they are to milestone goal completion. Then, underneath they will see a list of all the time they have tracked.

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