NEW Approval Features to Make Spot Checking and Verifying Easier!

Save time and save money by reducing spot checking in your verification process with 3 new ways to confirm your volunteers were there!

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Take a Selfie

Require volunteers to upload a photo of themselves from the event into our mobile app or take a photo directly through the app. Pictures speak louder than words and not only will this help you verify hours, but you also have photos from each event to keep memories for your Organization!

Get a Signature

Require volunteers to get signatures with time stamps from the onsite coordinator. After the form is signed, an email is sent to the coordinator automatically. If the signature isn't verified, the coordinator can reject the submission and the status will be updated on the site. In addition, you can also allow volunteers to input a new coordinator's name, email and organization name if they haven't been registered with your organization yet.

Drop a Coordinate

Require volunteers to record their GPS coordinates onsite on the day of the event. These coordinates are pinned on a Google Map for easy location verification and include an auto stamp with the exact coordinates, as well as the date and time.

Verify via Dashboard

Approve or reject hours with a NEW approval dashboard! It's easy to view hour and verification submissions and send emails directly from the system, if needed. There's no extra steps needed, we thought it through, and placed it all in one spot for you!

Set it up Your Way

Configurations are easy to setup and simple to update. You can pick and choose whatever fits your organization's needs the best. Turn on all features or just certain ones, its up to you!

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