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What Organizations Use Track It Forward to Track Volunteer Hours

Table showcasing type of organization, examples, common features.

1. K-12 Schools - examples, parent commitment hours, student graduation hours, NHS, beta Club, key club -features, hour approval, advanced verification, custom fields, conditional milestones, family grouping

2. Colleges and Universities - examples, required field hours, service learning, pro bono hours for law school - features, hour approval, verification, custom fields, milestones

3. Chapter Organizations - Junior Auxiliary, LINKS, junior league, sororities/ fraternities-features, custom fields, milestones, event calendar, email blast

4. Business - VTO programs, company initiatives, employee involvement reports - features: event calendar, custom fields, reports, milestones

5. Nonprofits - museums, community enters, food banks, parks and gardens - features: event calendar, reports, check in kiosk, digital sign in sheet, email blast. 

6. Social and recreational groups - examples, athletic leagues, boat club, horse club- common features used - milestones, event calendar, email blast

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We constantly hear the question, “Do you have organizations like mine using Track It Forward?” Honestly, the answer is almost always “Yes!” The great thing about our software is that it’s flexible so each organization can configure it for their specific needs. Depending on what you’re looking for in a time tracking tool, there’s a good chance someone is already doing it on our site! 

These are just a few examples of common programs that use our software to manage their volunteer program and the features they typically utilize. 

K-12 Schools Track Volunteer Hours

Track it Forward is widely used by schools tracking parent commitment hours, student graduation requirements, and service clubs like NHS. Since most schools are tracking required service hours, the hour approval feature is a key component. Our conditional milestones are also used by schools to differentiate service requirements for different types of volunteers, such as 1-parent vs. 2-parent households. Custom profile fields make it easy to track service requirements by family, archive graduated seniors, and limit activities to a specific segment of volunteers. Schools can easily track volunteer and service hours with Track It Forward. 


Colleges and Universities Track Volunteer Hours

College programs tracking required field hours, service learning projects, or pro bono hours for law school can simplify the time tracking workflow with Track It Forward! Since many students are volunteering off-campus, they can include a photo, digital signature, or GPS pin with their hours to verify accuracy. Hours can be quickly logged through the mobile app and then the site coordinator can review the hours and verification before approving or rejecting them. Colleges and universities may want to track volunteer time for a multitude of reasons - whatever the reason, Track It Forward can provide a simple workflow to manage volunteer time tracking. 


Chapter Organizations Track Volunteer Hours

Typically, membership organizations and service clubs have required hours for all members to complete. With custom milestones, members and coordinators can track requirements at a glance! Chapter organizations such as Junior Auxiliary, The Links, Inc., Junior League, and sororities and fraternities can also use the event calendar to post opportunities and upcoming meetings that require member sign up. Chapter organizations can then use downloadable reports to showcase their member activity to the national organization. 


Businesses Track Volunteer Hours 

Companies with employee volunteer programs or initiatives can coordinate opportunities through the event calendar. If employees are volunteering independently, custom hour log fields can capture relevant details such as organization mission, location, or area of service. Track It Forward reports give coordinators access to all site data so they can aggregate and share data on employee service hours. 


Nonprofits Track Volunteer Hours 

Nonprofit organizations can utilize the event calendar to manage opportunities and simplify the process of volunteer sign-ups. Events can be limited to active volunteers or open to one-time participants, depending on the opportunity. Nonprofits can use the digital sign-in sheet or check-in kiosk to quickly log hours on site so volunteers don’t need to do it later! This is a great tool when it comes to volunteer time tracking and events because it is done along with another standard process - signing in!  


Social and recreation groups Track Volunteer Hours 

A variety of social and recreation groups use Track It Forward to manage their members. Members can sign up for activities through the event calendar, track progress towards required hours, and receive emails through the site with reminders, updates, or event notifications! As group leadership changes, it’s easy to transfer administrative rights to the next person in charge of managing volunteers. Outdoor recreation groups can also take advantage of the offline mode feature on the mobile app, which allows volunteers to log their hours without service.

This is just a snapshot of a few common organizations and the features they typically use! If your organization is looking for a time tracking solution, test it out for yourself to see if we’re the right fit!