Checklists for New Managers | Track It Forward

Checklists for New Managers

Written by James McBryan

Congratulations on your new role as a manager!

Track it Forward is a volunteer time tracking system intended to be really simple and easy to use for admins and volunteers. To help you get familiar with all the things you actually need to know to be a successful manager, we’ve created a basic checklist of things that every site manager should know about!

If all your questions aren’t answered or if you need further assistance, here’s a link to all our help documents, videos & articles.


1. Understand Track it Forward

If you are completely new to Track it Forward and have never used it before, there are two main simple things you can do to get up to speed. 

  1. Watch our short 3-minute introduction video here.
  2. Review our feature pages: 

Sign up for events - click here
Log & track hours submitted - click here
Approve hours submissions - click here 
Run various reports - click here 
Advanced verifications - click here
Integrations & widgets - click here
Mobile app - click here


2. Understand your site configurations

If you need to make any changes to your site configurations, as a manager, you have the ability to do so. Here are the three main sets of configurations that new managers should be aware of. 

  1. Hour Logs: The information volunteers provide each time after they volunteer
  2. Volunteer profiles: The volunteer information that volunteers provide when they initially sign up, as well as approval configurations
  3. Milestones: The requirements that volunteers need to track against

Besides those, here are a few other things you may need to know how to do as a manager

  1. Approving Hours: Approve either all your volunteer hours yourself, or assign specific administrators to approve certain volunteer hours
  2. Verifying Hours: Approve or reject hours through the advanced verification dashboard, as well verify through photos, signatures, or GPS coordinates.
  3. Managing Volunteers: Everything you need to know about accessing and managing volunteer information
  4. Running Reports: Review and export data any way you’d like
  5. Understanding the organizer dashboard: Basic features and functionalities that administrators have access to


3. Know where to get help

We have an extensive library of videos, user guides, help documentation, FAQs & other volunteer coordinator resources. Here are the direct links for each one:

Video Tutorials
User Guides
Knowledge Base
Coordinator Resources
Contact Support


 If any additional  assistance is needed, contact us at

Again, congrats on your new role and we wish you the best of luck!