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Transitioning out of your Admin Role

Written by James McBryan

You may be ready to head out, but before you do so, make sure that your replacement has all the proper tools necessary to transition into your coordinator role. 

To make the training go easier for you, we've created a simple checklist of the basics that your replacement should be aware of before you go. 

1. Create their new account

If your organization uses a general email address that is shared with multiple users, make sure you pass on the Track it Forward login credentials to your replacement.

If not, however, make sure you create an account for your replacement and upgrade their role to Manager or Owner so that they have full access. If you upgrade them to Owner, you will lose your owner permissions and will be downgraded to Volunteer. So, if you still need access, make sure to assign upgrade your account to Manager, prior to upgrading your replacement to Owner.


2. Update billing information (if needed)

If your contact information is on file for billing and you will no longer be with the organization, make sure to contact our Support Team and let them know of the billing changes. If you do not know the new information yet, just make sure to let the new coordinator know to contact us when that information is available so that it doesn't affect any of the volunteer's accounts.


3. Verify Volunteer List (Especially if you're a school)

If you're transitioning out at the end of the school year, please make sure to archive all the graduates. You can then either reset the calendar time frame on the site and upload the new students, or you can show the new coordinator how to do that. 

If you need help, read this user guide on preparing for the new school year.


Lastly, make sure the new volunteer coordinator understands Track it Forward in general, how your site configurations are set up, and where to get help if needed. 

You can just share this article with them which includes everything in detail. 

That's it! You're good to go. Complete these steps and your legacy is future-proofed. 

We wish you the best on your new endeavors. If you are transitioning to a similar role within a different organization, feel free to reach back out to us to get your new group of volunteers started.