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Delegating to Others in the School

Last updated by James McBryan on 09/21/2021


We know what you're thinking...

"I don't want to have to do this all by myself."

We get it. (We wouldn't either)

You can assign admins as approvers, coordinators, or managers, and on premium plans, there's no limit how many roles you assign. (That's right, we aren't like the other sites out there!) If you're not sure what role to assign to your users, read about it here

So if you just purchased Track it Forward, and you're trying to figure out what work to give to who, we'll share what we typically see in a medium-sized school. 

1. Appoint one (or multiple) volunteer coordinator(s) for the following tasks:

  • Answer volunteer questions
  • Approve hours
  • Create community service events
  • Run reports


You want to make sure that this person is someone who is vested in helping volunteers track time and most importantly, has the time to do it! If you track parent hours, maybe the person who does this is a PTA member or a parent volunteer.  If you track student hours, you may have homeroom teachers or an office administrator that does it. 

2. For all the technical and web related tasks, here are some things you can give to your webmaster:

  • Embed your widgets
  • Provide logs and CSS (if needed)
  • Post instructions (like our template) online

If you're a larger sized school, you can assign multiple homeroom teachers to oversee their students, or you can assign one person per grade level. If you're not sure, ask our support heroes for suggestions. 

They'd love to hear from you!


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