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What Information Should You Provide Your Volunteers


Posting detailed instructions on your website about your time tracking expectations can help tremendously with a smoother rollout and eliminate a lot of questions. 

So what exactly do you post?


We created a sample template site to show you!

You can either copy what we have or customize it for your specific school setup. We have a page dedicated to service learning which provides an example of general instructions (requirements, opportunities, widgets etc). Then we separated out two pages with slightly different instructions based on if you decide to import and invite your volunteers or have them self-register

This website has links to our recommended videos and articles, but feel free to visit our knowledge base and YouTube channel to pick your own. 


If you decide to create your own, we recommend you include the basics such as

  • Program information and/or requirements - make it really easy for your volunteers to understand the importance of keeping track of their hours and if you have certain requirements, list them here as well
  • Volunteer Coordinator Contact Information - make it really easy for your volunteers to find who to contact if they have any questions
  • Easy Instructions - It's simple to get started but if you write out every little detail, it may scare your volunteer away because it looks like a lot of work! We suggest giving them basic instructions and if they need help, provide additional resources


Additional resources for more detailed help

  • Video tutorials - For visual learners, our YouTube channel could be a helpful resource to learn about how to sign up, log hours, download the app etc.
  • Knowledge Base - our extensive knowledge base has many detailed articles with screenshots for most common questions that volunteers have about tracking volunteer hours. 

We want you to run a successful time tracking program and out of all people, we know that it's not always easy. However, hopefully, this will help take some stress off your shoulders so that you can focus less on the admin work and more on what really matters. 



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