Part 1/3: Archive Students That Are No Longer At Your School


When a student graduates, instead of deleting them, we strongly recommend archiving their account. This will remove them from your volunteer list and it won't count towards your total volunteer count, but the system will store their information on the back end for reporting. 

The only roles that can archive students are the owner, managers, and coordinators.

 Below are steps for archiving students:


  1. Open your Organizer Dashboard

2. Open the Volunteers page and under the List of Volunteers section, select the checkbox of the volunteer(s) you wish to archive*

3. In the Actions dropdown, select Archive Volunteer

4. Select Run 

   *The quickest way to select a large number of students, is to filter the list (if you have one that applies). For example: For graduated seniors, if you have a grade level field, click on Filter and select Grade 12. Check off all that apply.


5. On the next page, select Confirm to finish the process 


6. You will then see a message confirming that your selected user(s) was archived successfully.


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