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User Guides to Start a Volunteer Time Tracking Program

Written by James McBryan

You may or may not have noticed a lot of behind the scenes changes on our TrackitForward website. Trying to keep up with the new times is hard work! 

But it seems like there’s one thing that we were missing until now: Simple guides to help you sell Track it Forward, how to launch it successfully, and all the other necessary resources to help school admins take one more thing off their plate. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “What is this? Do I really need it? And Where do I find it?"

Let’s start with the first question. 


What kind of guides are available right now? 

For Users in Trial Mode

If you're doing a test run, and want to learn more about Track it Forward to make sure its the right fit and want more information to share with decision makers or refer to potential users, read these articles first.

For Users Ready Launch their Organization

If you’re ready to go live, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for your site launch, as well as some decisions to make around how to onboard your volunteers and what information you can provide them. Read more about it here

For Users that Manage a School

If you’re a school coordinator, there are some school specific configurations to consider and roles you can assign to others. We also created a template site for you to copy so you can include everything you need about Track it Forward on your website, as well as instructions for resetting the site for a new school year

Again if you missed it  (*Cough* * Cough*) 

  ---->> Here’s how to reset your site for the new school year <<----


What’s the point?

Ok, so here’s the thing… we wouldn’t spend our time making these articles if we thought that nobody would be reading them. According to our customer support heroes, these are the TOP QUESTIONS always being asked. So we figured, instead of you spending a few extra minutes searching through our knowledge base article, then looking for our support number, and finally writing us an email for help, we decided to be sweethearts and compile everything into one series.

No searching needed. 

However, you may be like the others who dislike reading instructions or asking for help, but at least now we won’t know who needs additional help because you’re just clicking on this link instead of emailing our support team. 

You save time. They save time. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?


Where do I find these articles?

If you missed all the links here that we've been including to our guides, you can just CLICK ON THIS ONE to check them out. 

In the future however, to find these guides, there is a direct link in our footer under the help section called “GUIDES”.

Very intuitive, huh?

We thought so. 


Last but not least….

If you’re thinking “How about this or that?”

OBVIOUSLY, we want our site to be super self-service. Easy to use. Easy to find things. Easy to manage. You get it. 

So if there’s something that you REALLLLYYYY wish that we had that would save you time, then please fill out this form and let us know

(Please please please keep in mind that this isn't for feature requests. You can provide those HERE. But this is only requests for new guides.)