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How To Keep Track of Multiple National Honor Society Volunteer Hours

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 09/20/2022

Some schools around the country have the opportunity for students to join multiple national honors societies or service clubs in high school. This is a great opportunity for students to serve their community and school more, but sometimes it can be confusing how to manage all of the requirements and responsibilities for different high school clubs. National honor society volunteers often have to complete a certain number of volunteer hours, and there might be options for students to join multiple national honor societies. 

NHS volunteer hours, graduation requirements, sports club community service, and other projects can all be combined into one tracking system if your school allows it! A time tracking system like Track It Forward allows students to track their volunteer hours, categorize them into different categories like national honor society volunteer hours, and see their progress towards requirements or goals! In addition, Track it Forward offers a single sign-on integration with Clever. If your school uses Clever, then this is the perfect solution to allow students to track volunteer hours securely using their existing Clever credentials.

If you are an administrator for a National Honor Society organization, or you are just trying to track volunteer hours for national honor societies, this article is for you! 

Track It Forward is a software that allows NHS volunteer hours to be logged, and other hours for other service clubs to be logged, with minimum effort. Additionally, there are multiple ways that national honor societies, service clubs, and high school administrators can use Track It Forward to approve student’s volunteer hours, and allow them to “count” towards a requirement or goal. 

Oftentimes, the role of tracking National Honor Society volunteer hours is not truly defined between the student or the faculty that is in charge of National honors societies in the school. Sometimes, it is up to the student to track their volunteer hours and turn them into someone to approve them all at once. 

Track It Forward can help significantly simplify the process of tracking hours, both on the side of the volunteer and the administrative people in charge of volunteer hours for the national honor society. 

Tracking National Honor Society Volunteer Hours From A Volunteer Perspective

Tracking NHS Volunteer Hours From A Volunteer Perspective
Students Sign Up - Students create an account under the school’s Track It Forward site. They receive a login and password and have access to a volunteer dashboard. This is where they will see their NHS volunteer hours that they submit. 

Students Log Hours - Students can log hours by submitting an hour log. Here they will say the date they volunteered, give notes about the activity, how many hours they contributed, and they can add other things like categories (or organizations they wish for this hour to count towards) and verification features like photos or signatures or GPS pins.


Students log NHS volunteer hours Via Event Calendar 

Students can sign up for events operated by a school or National Honor Society, when they RSVP their account is automatically synced up to that event. Then, they can log their hours via an hour log (also available in a mobile app), or an administrator can verify the event and their time is logged. 


Students Log Hours Via A Check In Kiosk 

Students sign into sponsored school events, the check in kiosk recognizes their account, and will automatically log the time they spend in the activity until they check out. 

Administrators Verify NHS Volunteer Hours (If They Choose To) 

An administrator can verify student’s hours as valid before they are fully submitted into the backend of the system. They can also edit information about the volunteer hour here! 

The Student’s NHS Volunteer Hour is officially logged. 

Students will see that their hour is approved on their volunteer dashboard, and it will start a progress bar chart towards a set goal (which we call a milestone.) 

Students can also log hours in other categories.

High school graduation volunteer hours, multiple national honors societies, and more can all be logged and separated into categories via one Track It Forward account. 

Students Keep Repeating This Process for All National Honor Societies Volunteer Hours and High School Volunteer Hours

Tracking Volunteer’s Hours For National Honors Societies & Other Clubs From An Administrative Perspective 

Taking the volunteer’s perspective into consideration, tracking NHS volunteer hours from an administrative perspective, is pretty similar, just with more authority. 

Options National Honor Societies Have When Using Track It Forward To Track NHS Volunteer Hours

  • Set Up A Track It Forward Site on Behalf of Your School’s NHS or Your School

  • How Do You Want Students To Track Their Volunteer Hours? 

  • Administrator Approval on NHS or High School Volunteer Hours? 

  • Do you want to categorize student’s volunteer hours? 

Don’t let these options scare you - they are only here to help make sure your school has the most seamless volunteer hour tracking experience possible! 

Did we mention that you can pull reports? See which volunteers are going above and beyond, which are lagging, how many volunteer hours your school or national honor society chapter has accumulated, and more! There are 6 different kinds of reports that Track It Forward can instantly pull for NHS volunteer hours, or school volunteer hours!

Track It Forward is able to organize volunteer hours to go towards different requirements, or multiple requirements, which makes it so great for National Honor Societies!