Using the Event Calendar | Track It Forward

Using the Event Calendar


1. Add your event details
2. decide how you want to track hours (volunteer log their own, coordinator bulk log, digital sign in)
3. keep it private or make it public
4. Confirm notification prefreneces
5. save and publish

Download this image here. 

Posting opportunities on the event calendar makes it easy for volunteers to view upcoming activities and sign up for a time! There are a few key steps to keep in mind as you create your first event.

Step 1: Add Event Details

Customize the event for your needs by adding a description, create multiple time slots, list jobs available, and set the volunteer capacity for each shift. 

Step 2: Decide how to track hours: Depending on your program, there are a few options for logging event hours.

- Volunteers log their own hours: After the event, the volunteer will receive a reminder to log their hours. This is perfect for informal activities where coordinators may not track attendance or volunteer time. 

- Coordinators bulk log hours for all participants: After the event, the coordinator will receive a reminder to log hours on behalf of volunteers. This is ideal for programs with an on-site coordinator who knows which volunteers participated and how long they stayed. 

- Digital sign-in sheet: Log hours instantly using a digital sign-in sheet on site! Great fit for organizations with a formal check-in process at the event. 

Step 3: Change event settings to public or private

Choose who has access to the event by requiring a Track It Forward account. If you want to make it open to anyone, you can allow registration without an account so one time volunteers can participate. 

Step 4: Confirm notification preferences

Select what automated notifications you want to use for the event to keep organizers and volunteers updated. You can choose to send volunteers a registration confirmation, notification of a deleted event, and reminder email 2 days before the event. Organizers can receive an email notification when a volunteer registers and if a volunteer cancels.

Step 5: Save and Publish

After you’ve selected your preferred settings, you can save the event and it will appear on the calendar for volunteers. If it’s a recurring opportunity, you can use the duplicate function to add the opportunity to multiple days. 

For more in-depth resources on creating an event, you can check out this article.