Upgrading Your Track It Forward Account | Track It Forward

Upgrading Your Track It Forward Account

Preparing to Upgrade Your Site 

Easily transition from a free trial to a paid subscription without losing any of your account data or settings. 

1. confirm configurations
2. check for test data
3. upgrade your site
4. prepare for implementation

Download this photo here. 

Organizations can easily transition from a free trial to a paid subscription without losing any account data or settings. Everything from your free trial period carries over to the paid subscription so you’ll already be set up and ready to go! 

Step 1: Confirm your settings and configurations 

Double-check your settings for the hour log, volunteer profile, and milestones to ensure you’re capturing the data you need. Also, review the features on your trial account and confirm which ones you want to keep for the paid subscription so you choose the correct plan. If you’re uncertain what plan you need, you can review our Pricing page for a comparison of the options. 

Step 2: Check for any test data

If you added fake volunteers or sample hours for testing purposes, you can delete them to prevent any confusion in future reports. If you don’t have any test data or sample accounts, you can just skip this step! 

Step 3: Upgrade your site

Go to Organizer Dashboard > Upgrade to select your subscription preference and add a credit card. If you require an invoice, just contact our support team to request one. 

Step 4: Prepare for implementation

This will vary by the organization since some programs may have used the free trial period to onboard volunteers. Depending on your program, you may need to update your website with Track it Forward details, email volunteers with the next steps, or schedule a meeting to introduce the site to your group.