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Transition Checklist

Written by James McBryan

Congratulations on your new role as a Volunteer Coordinator!

Track it Forward is a volunteer time tracking system intended to be really simple and easy to use for admins and volunteers. To help you get familiar with all the things you actually need to know to be a successful coordinator, we’ve created a basic checklist to get you going!

Before moving forward, please make sure you have read and completed the 3 steps in the New Manager Checklist.  Besides the 3 basic steps that all site managers should know, the primary volunteer coordinator or site owner has a few other responsibilities that they need to be aware of in order to run their site successfully. 

Assuming you've checked off the first three steps from the manager checklist, let's continue on to what you will need to do if you're a sole coordinator


1. Get access to an owner or manager account

A volunteer coordinator can either be listed as a site owner or a site manager. There can only be one site owner, however, there can be multiple site managers. If the person who purchased this system is still with the organization, is the primary billing contact and wants to remain as the site owner, then you will need to be made a site MANAGER. However, if the person responsible for setting up your account is no longer with the organization and was the former owner, then you will need to transfer ownership to yourself.

If your organization uses a general email address that is shared with multiple users, make sure you are able to login to that account. If you cannot access it, you can reset the password from the login page or by clicking this link.

If your former coordinator is still around, have them login & create you an account and upgrade your role to Manager. 

If your former coordinator is no longer around, but you have their password, login and create yourself an account and upgrade your role to Owner, then archive the former coordinator.

If your former coordinator is no longer around and you do not have access, please contact our Support Team


2. Review & verify your volunteer list

This step is particularly important to school coordinators that have new student volunteers every school year.

You will need to:

  1. Archive any volunteers that are no longer active
  2. Assign admin roles to people that will be helping manage the volunteers
  3. Add any new volunteers that are not in the system yet (most likely, only applicable to schools)

For more detailed help to school coordinators, please read this user guide for preparing for the new school year


3. Update billing information

   All payment emails and invoices are sent to the original organizer that set up the payment information for the account unless updated by the later volunteer organizer. Make sure you contact our Support Team if any changes need to be made to the billing contact information.

We hope this relieves some stress and has helped you better understand Track it Forward and how to manage your site. 

We wish you the best of luck on your journey!