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Organize After-School Activities With This Tool; Your After-School Activity Leader Will Thank You!

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 10/07/2021

After-school activities are a great way for students to explore different skillsets and activities in a school setting. Some schools have such a great variety of after-school activities and guess who is responsible for organizing these after-school activities, events, attendance, and reporting them to the school? Usually teachers! 

Teachers already have so much on their plate. And while they might love to help out in a special after-school activity program, the least that schools can do is make the organization of the after-school activities seamless! 

Using a tool to help plan after-school activities events will help let teachers do the fun part of the after-school activity, which is probably why they signed up to be an after-school activity leader to begin with! 

A tool like Track It Forward takes on all the administration tasks of organizing an after-school activity and makes it automated. After-school activity leaders can schedule events and after-school activities, plan after-school activities and participants, track the amount of time that both teachers and students are spending in afterschool activities. Schools might need reports of how afterschool activities are spending their time for safety records and potential funding opportunities. 

After-School Activity Leaders will be able to use Track It Forward in a multitude of ways, which will better organize their after-school activity. 

Track It Forward Features that will help organize after-school activities 

event calendar = Organize after-school activities in advance, and when students RSVP, they get automated reminders! 

customized additional notes. = Allow feedback on after-school activities in a simple way! 

hour logs = See when students are working extra hard on after-school activities. Just by looking at a simple number of their time committed! 

instant reports = After-School Administrators can pull statistics in reports within seconds to send to administrators.

Schedule Out Meetings And Large Events On An Event Calendar

Track It Forward has an event calendar set-up that allows events to be portrayed and students to RSVP to them! After School Activity Leaders can send out the event calendar and have students RSVP to their meetings or other events they might have to do. 

Track It Forward will send automated notifications and emails to students to remind them of meetings and events for the after-school activity! The After-School Activity Leader does not have to do any of this, and they can feel organized by spending just a few minutes planning out the events and inputting them into the calendar. 

See more features of the event calendar here. 

Get Student Notes on The After-School Activities 

After-school Activity Leaders can ask students to log their time and notes on after-school activities in the Track It Forward app or desktop “hour log.” 

This will allow students to track the time spent at after-school activities, but also allow them to give feedback. After-school Activity Leaders will then be able to see the pros and cons of the events and activities that they have planned, and make decisions about future after school activities based on this data! 

Using Track It Forward as a feedback and data tracker eliminates the task of After-School Activity Leaders trying to perform these feedback exercises on their own. 

Customizable hour logs come with all Track It Forward plans, making it easy to gain additional information about after-school activities. 

See When Students Spend Time On The Activity Outside of School 

If the after-school activities require students to volunteer their time on their own, outside of school - it is important that After-School Activity Leaders are monitoring this. There should not be a great amount of excess strain and time spent on activities, to the point where students are stressed! 

After-School Activity Leaders can ask students to log their hours spent working on activities out of school or without the Activity Leader present. This can be logged and tagged as an extracurricular hour - allowing Activity Leaders to truly see how much time is spent outside of the activity, or which students might be working too hard. 

Hour logs can be completed simply from a mobile device, and different categories of activity hours can be noted and tagged in the system! 

Instantly Report Hour Totals & Student Member Totals To Schools 

After-School Activity Leaders might be responsible for reporting to their principals or administrators how much time they, or students - or both - are spending on their after-school activity, 

This should not be something that teachers and After-School Activity Leaders should have to do manually, it takes entirely too much time! By using Track It Forward, these data totals will already be logged in a database, and reports are able to be instantly downloaded! 

Reports are easy to pull, and can be pulled in many different ways!