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6 Ways Volunteers Can Use Their Account

Since each volunteer has their own user account, they can easily update information, check their hours, and sign up for opportunities! some features will depend on the organization's settings and may not be used by everyone. 

1. log hours
2. edit  pending hours
3. monitor progress towards requirements
4. expoert all hours
5. sign up for opportunities
6. manager profile data

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With Track It Forward, each volunteer has their own user account so they can easily check progress, log hours, and update information. There are many things that can be done in the volunteer dashboard that volunteers can find beneficial!

1. Log hours

No more paper forms or spreadsheets. Volunteers can quickly log their own hours through the website, mobile app, or embedded widget on the organization’s website. Track It Forward makes the hour logging process extremely simple on the volunteer’s behalf. 

Log volunteer hours on Track It Forward Log Hours














2. Edit pending hours

If hours are still pending or don’t require approval, volunteers can revisit existing entries to make revisions. If volunteers make a mistake, this is a great option for revision so they do not need to contact the administrator straight away, they can fix it themselves.

Edit hours that are still pending to make revisions













Once hours are approved, the entry will be locked and revisions will need to go through an administrator. 

3. Monitor progress towards requirements 

If the organization has milestones enabled, volunteers can monitor their own progress in real-time! When a volunteer logs in to their dashboard, they will see a graph showcasing their progress towards a goal or milestone that the organization has set. If they have multiple goals, they will be able to see the different milestones.

Check progress towards required hours and milestones












This increases transparency so volunteers can check if they’ve fulfilled a service requirement or still need additional hours.  

4. Export all hours

Volunteers can download a report of all approved hours for their user account to save a copy for their reference. The hours visible through the timesheet may be impacted by the organization’s site settings so the export makes it easy for volunteers to view historical hours. 

Export hours from your volunteer account









5. Sign up for opportunities 

When organizations use the event calendar, volunteers can quickly sign up for shifts through their user account. The event button will appear as an option on the user dashboard after logging in and volunteers can view the calendar. Volunteers can check their account to confirm what time they registered for and cancel their shift if needed. Depending on the event settings, they may be able to see other volunteers who have signed up for the event.

6. Manage profile data

Volunteers can manage all of their profile data through their account dashboard. In addition to managing their login credentials, they can update any custom profile fields that the organizer may include such as their Homeroom Teacher, Volunteer Interest, or T-shirt size. 

Manage volunteer profile data and login credentials for your user account









They simply do this by clicking on the Edit Profile button that appears on the user dashboard after logging into their account. If the organization adds a required question to the profile, volunteers will be prompted to complete the profile before accessing the hour log.