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Where to recruit the best volunteer coordinator for the job

Written by James McBryan

If you’re looking for a new volunteer coordinator, make sure you've read how to optimize your volunteer job post to reach the best candidates before you post to these locations that we talk about in this article. 

There are a few places where you can post volunteer coordinator jobs and not each option may be the best for each organization. So we’ve broken down the top 3 places to post jobs for volunteer coordinators to help you make the right decision for your organization.

Talk to your immediate network

This may be the easiest place to start, especially if you’ve been in the industry for a long time or if you have a large network to work with. For some, this may have the smallest reach, however, word of mouth and referrals for volunteer coordinators may get you the most vested people for the job. If you’re talking with people you trust,  the chance that they will recommend someone very qualified for the job is very likely, especially if their name is associated with the recommendation. Your network can include colleagues in your organization, in your industry, and people you know through social media. 

Share with your local online community

If you’re plugged in online or live in larger towns, connect with others on social media groups at no charge. You can cast a wider net through online community boards on Craiglist, Facebook, or Nextdoor, however, the quality of candidates may be the most uncertain through these resources.

  • Craigslist
    • Make sure you post on the community board if you don't want to pay for the posting, instead of the job board. Go to www.craigslist.com, locate your state and city, then click on “create a posting”, make sure to select "community" when you start the listing and then "volunteer" afterward.
  • Facebook 
    • Facebook has a feature for local community groups to connect with people in your area. Keep in mind that you need an account to use this site. Simply go to www.facebook.com, click on "Groups", click on "Discover", then click on "Local" and search the list for groups in your city that are for job postings
    • Other Facebook groups to look into
  • Nextdoor
    • Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood and community that requires an account as well. To join, go to www.nextdoor.com, enter your street address and email address, then click on "find your neighborhood". 


Post to online job sites

If you have a budget to spend on recruiting a volunteer manager, then this option will help you find those top-tier candidates. You may have to pay for a job posting on some of these sites, however, you are more likely to find someone quicker and more qualified. 

Third party job sites that appear on Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a job search feature powered by Google, where instead of going to each individual site, Google aggregates all open positions in one place, and candidates can apply directly through Google. 

Using the specific sites listed below will enhance your visibility because Google for Jobs automatically takes these posts and lists them in their job search engine without you needing to do any extra work. 

These sites include:


Other general job boards.

These may not appear in the Google job search engine, but are still some of the most commonly used:


Job boards specifically for nonprofits


If you know of any other sites that we don’t have listed here, please let us know!