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Volunteer Software, CVA Info Session, Reopening & Refreshing Volunteers

Written by Kasey Murphy

Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community Recap: April 26 - May 2 

Volunteer Management often requires a lot of attention and usually some helping hands. The Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community aims to be a source of information and help for those who need it, and these three trending topics of this week are great examples!

Depending on the way your program operates, you might benefit from a large volunteer management system or a smaller one. But, it is always important to know what to expect. That’s why questions like these are great!! 

Following up on my previous question about volunteer management software, which one do you use and what do you NOT LIKE about it or what do you wish it could do but can't?

If you are looking for volunteer software, and are interested in what other organizations have to say, or if you have had a bad experience with volunteer software - let other volunteer coordinators know in this post! 

Additional Volunteer Management Software Resources



Many volunteer managers opt to get their CVA - Certification in Volunteer Administration. Many members of the Facebook group have decided to go this route! It is a great way to enhance your skills and title as a Volunteer Manager if you have the time! 

Some members of the Volunteer Coordinator Facebook Community are promoting an information session for those interested in becoming a CVA. 

Our next CCVA Information Session is taking place next week.  We just welcomed 86 new CVAs this month.  Will you be next?  Sign up today at https://cvacert.org/upcoming-information-sessions/

Take a look at the post here! 

Resources For CVAs 



Lastly, as more volunteer programs begin to reopen and become open for volunteers in this COVID-era, there are probably going to be a lot more rules and regulations within volunteer organizations. 

Whether your program is set up differently now than before, you have more COVID health precautions, or are doing a screening process - volunteers will probably need a learning session to understand all of this. And, seasoned volunteers might not like the idea of going through a volunteer orientation again, but it is necessary! We're slowly working on re-opening our shelter in accordance with state guidelines! I am working on our volunteer program and restructuring it with new classes, new handbooks, t-shirts, and more. In the past, we had a general information session and an orientation that individuals would have to attend to become a volunteer. We're still going to have these, just with different information, but I want to change the names. General info session and orientation doesn't sound like much fun. What do you call your first orientations/training classes? 
I am also working on a way for volunteers to be able to give feedback and feel comfortable. I was thinking of doing a volunteer roundtable/jefferson dinner quarterly and if anyone is doing something like this, I'd love to hear any tips or ideas that you have! Thanks so much!

Here is some advice from the comments.

  • “I can recommend a few places where these conversations are happening for volunteer engagement professionals in animal welfare: 1. Check out HSUS’ Listserv managers. 2. Check out Adisa’s recorded webinars on shelter reopening ideas.”

  • “I do a health and safety induction with my volunteers. Takes roughly an hour or so but I include bits about the business, breakdown of departments, include info on our conservation projects etc. I have had good feedback on them. Though I havnt been able to do one for about a year due to covid. I am thinking of attempting to do it as a zoom call if I can work it out, and get new volunteers up to speed”

  • “I call it induction training.”

Resources For Reopening Your Program 

Evaluating resources and using different ideas and advice from other Volunteer Coordinators is one of the best ways to improve and find the best practices for your volunteer program! Continue posting and looking at the Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community for these resources!