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Track It Forward Gives High School Service Clubs Free Usage of Volunteer Time Tracking Software

Written by Kasey Murphy

High school service clubs like National Honor Societies and Key Clubs are a great way to introduce the youth to the world of volunteering. 

Volunteering is clearly something that we hold close to our hearts, and we would love to support organizations that promote volunteerism and service to young adults as they mature. 

The foundation of volunteering all relies on the motivation to give your time for the good of others, and high school service clubs are promoting these values! 

So, we thought, why not give them the opportunity to easily track their hours. Not only will the students be able to track their volunteer hours for high school service clubs, but they can also see their progress towards goals, and even sign up for volunteer shifts through Track It Forward.

But, giving Track It Forward out for free is not just to benefit students in high school service clubs, it will also benefit administrators or those who help students in these clubs. 

Administrators will be able to easily log into their Track It Forward account, see which students are succeeding and which might need more motivation to volunteer. They can also have one hub within Track It Forward to approve student’s volunteer hours, run reports on hour totals, post events for students to RSVP to, and send out mass email reminders! 

how track it forward helps your school service club 

for a limited time - get volunteer time tracking softwar for free!

How to Get Free High School Service Club Software 

Simply go to this page and fill out the form listed at the top. We will require proof that you are in a service club, not just trying to get software for free! 

We are giving out free Track It Forward premium features each month, if you go to the page and it is not available to start, then sign up for the early access or wait list! 

Our suggestions: 

  1. Read up on Track It Forward, we would hate to give you a free software system that you aren’t going to use. You can do this by visiting our How It Works page and our guides! 

  2. Discover all of our features to see which ones will actually benefit your high school service club when it comes to volunteer time tracking. 

  3. Once approved, start looking into your site and get a feel for how it works. You’ll need to teach students and other admin how to use this in order for it to work - but don’t worry we made it super easy. 

  4. Enjoy! 

Track It Foward is happy to be supporting future leaders and service providers to the community. We hope that volunteer time tracking helps admins and students feel more organized!