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Service Hour Tracking for High School Service Clubs

We are looking to support high school service clubs -- NHS, Leo, Beta, Key -- with our volunteer time tracking system. Don't track hours over paper when you can do it on mobile!
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What is Track It Forward?

A volunteer time tracking system to track your students' hours so you can easily approve hours and pull instant reports to see who has met their requirements.
  • Students log hours and can see their own progress
  • Fits in with your existing approval processes
  • Instant reports of who still needs to log their hours
  • Delegate different responsibilities
  • 5 different ways to collect hours

Why is it so hard to track volunteer hours?

How Track it Forward Works

Track It Forward will change how you think about tracking volunteer hours.

01. Volunteers Log Their Own Hours

Through our mobile app, a self-check-in kiosk, an event sign-in sheet, or embeddable widgets on your website - students can log hours in any way you see fitting into your current workflow best!

02. Volunteers Monitor Their Own Progress

Each student volunteer can see the number of hours they’ve tracked but admins can also see the volunteer hour totals of all students and can remind those who are behind or reach out with extra help.

03. Reviewing And Approving Student Volunteer And NHS Hours Is A Lot Less Time Consuming

Easily check the hour log for a signature from the community service event leader, a reflection, or a photo attachment for proof. Then, review and bulk approve or reject the NHS hour or Club volunteer hour!

04. Easily Organize Community Service Opportunities

Use our event calendar, or better yet, delegate our event system to someone else! Organize student volunteer opportunities, send email blasts about them, get commitment through RSVPs, and watch students volunteer & log their hours - without you doing a thing!

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Our Features

Track It Forward is more than a time tracker, we have optional features to advance your volunteer tracking system as a whole. Choose how detailed you want your volunteer tracking to be!

Event Sign In Sheet

Using an event calendar set-up, you can enable an event sign-in sheet for volunteers to automatically track time at the event.


If your organization has hour total requirements or goals, you can set this up for both admins and volunteers to see progress towards.

Hour Approval

When volunteers log hours, you can opt to send them into an approval queue for administrators to authorize before fully submitted.

Advanced Verification

To help with approving hours submitted, hour logs can have additional data for volunteers to submit GPS, photos, and signatures.

Check In Kiosk

Similar to an event sign-in sheet, but without the events! Use the check-in kiosk app for volunteers to use and automatically track their time.

Conditional Logic

Ask more questions than how many hours were volunteered, use conditional logic to get more data, but only from relevant volunteers!

Over 6 Million Volunteer Hours Submitted

I feel like this program is made for NHS officers to use. Jack Mulligan, Mount Si National Honor Society


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