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Free Service Hour Tracking for High School Service Clubs

Currently Serving Key Club & National Honor Societies
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We are still setting everything up, and we'll have limited free subscriptions in the beginning, so if you are interested in tracking your student volunteer hours for free, sign up for early access to claim your spot!

Make Student Volunteer Time Tracking Digital, it's the Future!

No More Paper Forms
Student volunteers track their hours on phones or the computer, goodbye paper and goodbye to easily lost data!
No More Paper Signatures
Instead of student volunteers dragging a paper to their community service events, they can input a GPS pin, take a photo, or attach a digital signature from the event leader to the hour log - all in their phone!
No More Constant Emails To Check Student Hour Totals
You won’t have to constantly answer emails asking about student volunteer hour totals - students can now see it for themselves!

Manage Your Service Club Members Like A Champ

Instantly See The Number Of Hours Each Student Volunteer Has Tracked
Each student volunteer can see the amount of hours they’ve tracked but admins can also see the volunteer hour totals of all students and can remind those who are behind, or reach out with extra help.
Reviewing And Approving Student Volunteer And NHS Hours Is A Lot Less Time Consuming
Easily check the hour log for a signature from the community service event leader, a reflection, or a photo attachment for proof. Then, review and bulk approve or reject the NHS hour or Club volunteer hour!
Easily Organize Community Service Opportunities For Student Volunteers
Use our event calendar, or better yet, delegate our event system to someone else! Organize student volunteer opportunities, send email blasts about them, get commitment through RSVPs, and watch students volunteer & log their hours - without you doing a thing!

See How Service Club Members Track Volunteer Hours

We Want to Help The Future Service Leaders!

You students will be the ones who know the true meaning of service and will be the rockstar volunteers of the future, be the enthusiastic organizers creating nonprofits, and be the leaders we need that know how to empower others to make real world change. We at Track it Forward are a fan of the work you're doing and want to do what we can to support you!
James McBryan
CEO of Track it Forward


Can I add as many students as I want?
Yup! As many students as you have in your club! Our normal free plan is capped at 25, for high school service clubs, it's as big as your club!
Do we get all the Track it Forward features for free?
Mostly! Since we're giving this out for free, there are things that cost us money overtime, like sending it out tons of emails and storing photos. If you want to store photos and send out emails you can upgrade for that, but you don't really need that to start tracking hours.
So what do I need to do to get started?
Just get started from this page and you'll need to verify your organization over the next month. You'll be able to do this all yourself!
Is this free forever?
For the forseeable future yes. And of course, as long as you are using Track it Forward regularly, it's free. If you're not using it after so many months, we may free up your slot for other clubs on the waiting list.
I am on the wait list, how long will it take to allow me to get on?
New spots are released at least each month. You will receive an email when new spots are available.
Is this data secure or sold?
The data is encrypted and secure. Your data is your data and will never be sold or made available to anyone.