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Modify Track It Forward Site Settings

5 Ways to maintain your track it forward site.
depending on your organizations workflow, there are a few steps to keep in mind after you implement Track It Forward. 

1. Modify site settings
your site settings can be modified at any time so you can quickly add a new profile question, change hour log categories, or track a new milestone! 
2. Managing Administrator Roles 
Responsibilities frequently change so we make it simple to add and remove administrative access for users.
3. Archiving Volunteers
Create a process for adding new volunteers to the site and archiving any users who aren't currently active.
4. Resetting for the new year
reset site data for the new reporting cycle by adding a start date or adjusting your milestone time period
5. Managing Your Plan and Payments
Manage your subscription, invoices, and payment method from your Payments Change. Easily adjsut the payment method if responsibilities change or a new card is needed.

Check out the following series to see detailed instructions of each implementations. 

Download this photo here.

Volunteer programs change over time so we make it easy to revisit your site settings and make adjustments. This flexibility gives you time to test out different settings and modify the site if your program changes. If you go to Organizer Dashboard > Settings, you can make adjustments to your profile fields, hour log, milestones, verifications, and other settings.

Volunteer Profile Fields 

You can add or modify questions on the volunteer profile if you decide to track additional data through the site. If a field is required, volunteers will be prompted to complete it before logging hours. 

Hour Log Fields 

If you need to update your hour log categories, you can revisit the settings to add or remove options from the list. If you delete a category, all of the historical hours will still be accessible through your reports page. You also have the option to add new fields to the hour log if you decide to track additional data beyond hours and category. 


By revisiting the milestones page, you can adjust the number of required hours, add or delete a milestone, or adjust the time period for accrual. All changes will be updated instantly so volunteers have access to the most recent requirements. 

Additional Settings 

More Settings: For additional customization, you can visit the More Settings tab to update site information, modify privacy settings, and adjust default settings.