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Top 27 Best Volunteer Recommendation Letters

Written by James McBryan

Volunteer recommendation letters can be used for various reasons: college applications, job applications, volunteering opportunities etc. Writing one is a large responsibility and should be taken seriously. So before you write a recommendation letter, make sure to find out what the letter will be used for, what kind of information the volunteer expects and who will be reading it. To help get you started, here are some things to think about including in your letter and also don’t forget to download the list of volunteer recommendation letters for inspiration. 

Things to include in a recommendation letter

  • How long have you known the volunteer
  • How do you know them
  • Skills & abilities
  • Accomplishments. Provide brief but detailed examples if possible.
  • Potential (such as leadership)
  • Additional information regarding qualities, character,  and behavior 
  • Summary of why you would recommend them and to what degree


Things you shouldn’t do when writing a volunteer letter

1. Copy directly from the web - These are intended to give you ideas and inspire you, not to use for yourself. 

2. Use the same exact one for everyone - volunteer letters are supposed to be personal and individualized to the person you’re writing about. It’s ok to have a very generic template, however, don’t just change the name and date and call it a day. The person reading will notice.

3. Start writing without getting more context from the volunteer  - Don’t assume you know what the letter needs to say and what it’s for. Make sure you understand what the reader will be looking for so that the reference letter can be a tool used to help them make the best decision. 

Again, there’s no “one way” to write a volunteer recommendation letter. However, there are best practices to live by. If you’re like most people and learn better by example, make sure you’ve downloaded our file with every single volunteer letter sample that we could find on the web. 

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