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All of the Best Volunteer Handbooks from the Internet Compiled in One Spot

Written by James McBryan

Do you have to update your volunteer handbook? Are you trying to create one from scratch? How do you know what to include? Where do you even begin? We've done the hard work of going deep into Google's results and created an easy guide so you can quickly get the perfect volunteer handbook for your organization completed!

Because there's so much information to share about creating a volunteer handbook, we've packaged an e-book so that it's easier to locate what you're looking for without scrolling down a ton of pages. Download this e-book, for basic outlines, elaborate templates, and organization-specific examples of handbooks that you can use to create your own volunteer handbook.

What you'll find in this package about volunteer handbooks:

Creating a new volunteer handbook

If you're in charge of creating a basic volunteer handbook for a new nonprofit

If you are just starting out as a nonprofit organization, you may not have enough details yet to create a detailed volunteer handbook. Or maybe you’ve been around for a little bit, but your organization is finally starting to grow and you realized you never created a formal handbook for your volunteers. This would be the place to start. The samples included in this section are simple volunteer handbooks that we found but include all the necessities needed, as well as general outlines to follow when starting off. As time goes on, your organization grows, and new things arise, you can update your handbook as it comes. But for now, your handbook will be used to provide new volunteers with the right resources about your mission, their role, and where to go for help.


Updating your current volunteer handbook

If your organization has a basic volunteer handbook, but it needs to be elaborated.

Maybe your nonprofit already has a volunteer handbook, but it’s been a while since it’s been reviewed and newcomers are noticing things missing. Or maybe your organization is starting to really grow and along with that come growing pains that were not addressed in the volunteer handbook. Now is the time to sit down and see what you have and what needs to be added. These samples that we provide are more elaborate with lots of information. Look through the package and see what you may be missing that you can include in your volunteer handbook. 

Volunteer handbooks by nonprofit type

If you need help on a volunteer handbook specific to your organization type.

Last but not least, you’re a mix between needing something basic to get started, but you need examples specific to your nonprofit type. We looked for those too and found some good ones that you can learn from based on the industry. Some are pretty simple and others are more elaborate, however, it's a good place to start if you need guidance with handbooks specific to health services, refugee services, low-income services, animal welfare, shelter & housing, etc. If you're looking for a specific organization type that we missed, let us know and we'd be happy to help you find one.


There it is! The web scrubbed for all sorts of volunteer handbooks that you can use. As you can tell, there is no “one way” to get this done. Each organization has their own style, length, and type of information provided. As long as your volunteers and supervisors can use it to reference things along the way, this is a good place to start.