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School Social Club Volunteer Ideas - Great For Key Club, Beta Club, and Leo Club!

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 10/14/2022

School social clubs and service clubs are a great way for students to become a part of a group that values volunteerism and giving back to the community. School clubs like Key Club, Beta Club, and Leo Club are all examples of social clubs and service clubs that can be beneficial for students and their involvement with leadership in the community. 

The thing with social clubs and school service clubs is that you want students to volunteer and be a part of the community for the right reasons. Students should want to volunteer because they know it is helping the community. But, it doesn’t make anything worse if students are in a social club or service club with friends and peers to enjoy their volunteering! 

When it comes to social clubs and service clubs, every club is different. Key Clubs, Beta Clubs, and Leo Clubs can be made up of many different types of students, and this is what can make a service club turn into a social club! If you bring students together to work together and improve society in a certain way, it is a great way for students to interact and learn about themselves and those around them. 

So, social clubs are more than just interacting with each other, but interacting with the community as well! First and foremost, we will talk about creating a social atmosphere for service clubs in schools like Leo Clubs, Beta Clubs, and Key Clubs. Then, we will go into different unique ideas for different aspects of social clubs! 

School Service Club Promotional Ideas
Turn a Service Club Into A Social Club! 

The first step is to make service clubs feel become a social environment for students. This is good for students to boost their communication and social interaction skills, as well as feel connected to the mission of providing service and volunteering for the community.

Volunteer Opportunities: Find different volunteer opportunities to offer students to help others! 

Community Outreach:
Create opportunities for students to interact with and feel close to the community & know their impact! 

Student Leadership: 
Service and social clubs should have leadership spots for students to see how they can be leaders!

Service Club Ideas For Social Interaction

Service clubs do not have to be all meetings and volunteer sign-ups. There are a lot of ways to make Key Clubs, Beta Clubs, and Leo Clubs more sociable and allow students to feel confident with communication and social activities. 

To make service clubs more social, follow some of these ideas! 

  • Have group team-building activities that are actually fun! Like walking dogs for a humane society that you might be helping with, or even going to a trampoline park together! 

  • Allow brainstorming sessions and students to showcase their ideas for volunteerism and speak up about causes they care about. 

  • Take students to conferences for your service club to see other service clubs in action. 

  • Break students up into groups and allow them to work on a large service project together & get to know each other better!

Social Club Ideas For Volunteering 

Social club ideas that consist of volunteering don’t always feel unique or original, which is why it is a great idea to find a lot of options and let students vote on what they would like to do. 

Here are a few options for volunteer ideas for social and service clubs, you should try to organize group volunteering for social emphasis! 

  • Work with large organizations like habitat for humanity! 

  • Set up dog walking and clean-up shifts at a humane society. 

  • For local events, help set up the events and potentially work different aspects like cashier or ticket sales! 

  • Work with local parks to clean up trains or report issues for public safety. 

For more ideas, visit these articles! 

No matter how your students decide to volunteer, you should be tracking it. For volunteer time tracking, check out this tool! 

Social Club Ideas For Community Outreach 

Social clubs and service clubs like Leo Clubs, Beta Clubs, and Key Clubs are a great avenue for local community organizations to spread their mission and raise awareness for their cause. 

By having students participate in community outreach initiatives, they are able to see their impact clearly and help businesses in indirect ways, which is another great act of service! Here are some ideas for helping the community and businesses locally. 

  • Host a 5K or run with businesses from around the community. 

  • Sell tickets to adults in the school for an auction of items donated by businesses

  • Have nonprofit organizations come to speak to your school and students to learn more about opportunities for student volunteerism. 

Social Club Ideas For Student Leadership Involvement 

Service clubs like Leo Clubs, Beta Clubs, and Key Clubs are avenues for students to become confident in leadership roles. Student leadership is a wonderful way to enhance student’s confidence and ability to succeed as adults. 

Social Clubs can increase leadership opportunities to fully create potential and learning experiences for all students involved. 

  • Each quarter, put students in small groups to present service projects, assign one leader for the group! 

  • Ask students to partner with organizations and businesses on their own, to reach out to owners, and talk to them about the opportunities to coordinate with their social club. 

  • Give presentations to the school about new events they can participate in, and allow students to have parts in the presentation. 

  • At larger events - ask certain students to take on leadership roles and distribute other student volunteers

We hope these social club ideas can help service clubs like Leo Clubs, Beta Clubs, and Key Clubs become the most impactful they can be to future student leaders!

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