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International Volunteer Manager Day, Amazon Wishlists, and Volunteer Electronic Devices

Written by Kasey Murphy

Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community Recap 10/26 - 11/2 

International Volunteer Manager Day is coming up, and it is such a great opportunity to celebrate all the hard work that Volunteer Management Teams do. Especially with COVID-19 and virtual volunteering, Volunteer Managers have really stepped up their game! 

We have a great member of the Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community that is doing a countdown to International Volunteer Manager Day with reasons that volunteers should be celebrated. 

Here is #10 - be sure to check out the Volunteer Coordinator Resource Community for all of the wonderful posts that are explaining the importance of Volunteer Managers to get ready to celebrate International Volunteer Manager Day.

#IVMDAY20 COUNTDOWN TO INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER MANAGER DAY: REASON 10 Volunteer Managers are Conductors. They can see and understand how the importantance of each individual skill works together to orchestrate and create something beautiful. Show a Volunteer Manager some love on INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER MANAGER DAY ON NOVEMBER 5th - Tell them about our P.I.T. T.E. Party and/or, you can give them an inspirational note-taking journal created with them in mind!



A great way to get gifts and donated items is to have an Amazon wishlist. Many organizations have found that Amazon’s wishlists are great for a multitude of reasons, but there are also a few flaws. 


The main reason a nonprofit organization would want to use an Amazon wishlist is for donors to have a list to look into for what the organization needs. Then, they purchase it and it gets shipped directly to the organization. 

But, there have been some cons as well, listed below. 

If you have any alternatives or comments on Amazon Wishlists, comment here! 

Amazon Wish List Insight: 
Hi everyone, I am with a Domestic and Sexual Violence Service Provider in Wayne County, Michigan. We use Amazon Smiles & Wish List to display our most needed items. The community can go to these lists, pick anything to order via their Amazon accounts and it gets shipped directly to us! It has been a great resource. But here are our problems, and I am wondering if anyone has found any loop holes or organizing practices to help get around these issues: 
Amazon does not collect the donors info (cannot log it into our system, cannot send a thank you letter, cannot connect with this donor in the future). If they remember to include a gift receipt, like we ask, we can at least contact them through Amazon. But they often forget to do this and don't understand the importance of it on our end. 
We have strict funding and program requirements. Some items must go to certain programs, especially depending on if they are purchased by a certain group or not. We do not get any info based off of which list they purchased from, and as abovementioned, who purchased it. 
Has anyone found other websites/platforms that will allow people to purchase through Amazon and/or their wish lists but helps non-profits better track the donors and the items coming in based off of who they were purchased by?

Here are a few ideas for combatting these issues: 

  • Add a section during checkout for notes - have donors leave their name and email. 

  • Ask donors to email a certain email with their receipt so you can attach it to your system.

  • Have volunteers reach out to donors asking if they have seen the Amazon wishlist if they have they will probably tell you if they have purchased something, then make a note in your database! This is a great way to incorporate virtual and at-home volunteer opportunities as well! 

  • Name your different lists off of different programs, and make the address name matching this list. For example - name your lists off colors based on the program. “Organization Amazon Wishlist Purple”, “Organization Amazon Wishlist Green,” etc. Then, the shipping address put - “Organization Name Purple” as the name of the shippee. 

Resources For Online Donation Wishlists



Do your volunteers use mobile devices, tablets, or Ipads? Some organizations are considering how to implement organization-owned mobile devices to their volunteers. This could be for events, volunteering, training and e-learning, or virtual volunteering! 

So, if you have a mobile device contract or process for implementing - let us know! We have a Volunteer Coordinator who is wondering! 

Comment here on your policies or thoughts on implementing these! 

Good morning! Does anyone by chance use any electronic devices that you provide for your volunteers? We are looking at creating a policy and procedure form for our volunteers for issued IPads. Can anyone share any forms that you use? Thanks so much for your help!

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