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How to Pitch Track It Forward to Your Organization

Get Your Volunteers To Actually Track Time With Track It Forward

Why Our Customers Choose Us Daily

1. Our expertise is solely time tracking
2. Its Your Workflow, not ours
3. Everything leads back to Simplicity

Things You Can Expect: 
Increased accountability
Instant Report
Time Savings

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If you haven’t had a chance already, we recommend reading our guide: Is Track It Forward the best volunteer time tracking tool for my organization? This guide will give you an initial overview of our key features, current customers, and the focuses of our software - see if they align with yours!

Even after you put in time and effort researching time tracking solutions, you probably cannot make this decision alone. If you have a board or supervisor that you have to run decisions by, it is important to showcase the best features and the things that made you like the software, so they can see it is a good investment!

A good place to start when speaking with others is to go through the main features and how they will benefit your organization. This will be the specific and detailed points that the supervisor will want to hear. But, what will really convince them is beyond the features. 

The most convincing and important information you can provide your team beyond features is how flexible the software will be to fit in with the organization and be nondisruptive. Picking a software should not be a drama-filled process, it should be a simple transition that will help automate and benefit the organization. 

Here are some reasons why our customers continue to choose us every day:

1. Our expertise is solely volunteer time tracking

Everything leads back to time tracking with us and that’s the primary purpose of our software. We understand that organizations need to easily track required service hours, quickly reset hours for a new year, and have options for how hours are logged. We’re not trying to do everything at once, we’re just trying to offer the best experience possible for volunteer time tracking. We offer other features, only if you think they will be helpful in addition to time tracking. Everything leads back to being the best and most efficient time tracking software! 

 2. We are simple

We don’t overcomplicate things with default requirements or a lengthy setup process. Our system is intuitive for the coordinator and for the volunteer! Organizations can customize the site for their needs and make adjustments at any time. 

Other software can be a hard process to navigate or teach. Ours is not this! With one quick info session, you can easily see how our software works, and teach it to other people who will be using it. Volunteers who are only using the software to log hours will not even need an info session or introduction, it is that simple! 

3. It's about your workflow, not ours

We understand that every volunteer program is different and our site is designed with that in mind. Organizations can choose what features to enable, how hours are logged, and what data is collected.  

Track It Forward provides the building blocks for you to work our software into your workflow. We work with large organizations and small organizations. We know that each organization, no matter how large or small, functions differently - and for a reason! We will not tell you how to run your organization, or what would be best for the software. The software works for you!

What benefits you will see:

  • Increased accountability - We offer a self-portal for each volunteer to know where they stand at all times, and what their progress status is for milestones.
  • Instant reports - Eliminate the need for sifting through data to compile the reports you need. Once volunteers start logging their hours, all you need to do is filter the data you need, export your reports, and send them off!
  • Time Savings - Instead of spending time calculating volunteer hours and sending progress reports, you can focus on what’s important.  

Now, we know what you may be thinking... 

"Track it Forward is awesome and all, but how do we know that it's the one for us?" 

We get it! We want everyone on board before you make the decision so you can be confident that we’re the right choice. So, our suggestion?

  1. If you have any questions. Our team is always here to help. We have had many organizations come to us and say “we want a software that does a,b,c- can you help?” We will be honest with you from the start- we want you to use our software only if it is going to be beneficial for your organization! 

  2. Run a pilot with our 30 day free trial.

Try it out, with no strings attached! Recruit a team that has vested interest, assign a primary organizer, configure the site, create some test events, and try logging hours.