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Archiving Inactive Volunteers on Track It Forward

At some point, you will probably find volunteers registered with your site who are no longer active. Perhaps they are recently graduated students or volunteers who had to take a break from volunteering. Track It Forward makes it easy to remove these volunteers from your site so they do not count towards your total users. 

To archive volunteers, go to the Volunteers page of your Organizer Dashboard.

Select the volunteers on the list that you need to archive and then use the Choose an action - dropdown to select Archive Volunteer. 


The quickest way to archive a group of volunteers is to filter the list by a profile field if one applies. For example, we recommend that schools add a profile field for Graduation Year so they can quickly filter the list for graduated seniors and archive them in one step. 

Archived volunteers are removed from your list, but all of their data is still stored in the system. You can restore an archived user or access their information later, if needed. 

In general, Track It Forward recommends reviewing your volunteer list at least once a year to see if everyone is still active.