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What can I expect to make a volunteer coordinator?

Written by James McBryan

Isn’t that what everyone wants to know when applying for a job? You’re passionate about the cause, you have vested interest, and you’re already volunteering with the organization, so now, how do you get paid so you can do this full time?

Volunteer coordinator salaries vary largely depending on where you live, the number of volunteers in the organization, the amount of other paid employees there are, the size of the organization’s budget, and of course what expertise can you bring to the table. 

However, when interviewed by verifiedvolunteers, their survey stated that satisfaction levels didn’t change much amongst volunteer coordinators based on their salary. It was the impact that they were making that made the job worth it. Are you looking to make a difference and lead people who are just as passionate about you to do the same? Make sure you use all the resources available to find a paid volunteer coordinator position

So now that you’ve applied for the job, what can you expect to make if you get it? 

Volunteer coordinators typically are responsible for high-level activities with supervisory responsibilities, so most organizations require a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum and 2 years of experience in a nonprofit setting. The salary depends on a variety of things including education, certifications, and the number of years spent in the profession. However, in 2018, the US National average salary for a volunteer coordinator was around $37,613/year. To see this average depending on the city you’re in, your experience and skill level visit this page on www.payscale.com.

But remember, it’s not always about the number!

Are you ready for your interview? Hopefully, if you haven’t already gotten a call, you will be getting one soon to come in for the interview. So how do you prepare? Our next article provides everything you need to know to help you prepare for your volunteer coordinator interview