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How To Estimate Your Volunteer Coordinator Salary and Benefits

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 03/13/2021

You’re applying for volunteer coordinator positions, but you may not be certain of the salary of the average volunteer coordinator. That is okay! Volunteer Coordinator salaries are very hard to gauge. Depending on the organization, the location, and your experience - volunteer coordinator salaries vary. 

It is important to note that no job should ever be your dream due to the fact that it pays a certain amount. Think about your happiness as well. But, with that being said, the salary and potential benefits of a volunteer coordinator position are necessary determinants of if the job is going to be worth it. If you have debt or a lot of responsibilities, you need to know that working as a full-time volunteer coordinator will be helpful. 

However, when interviewed by verifiedvolunteers, their survey stated that satisfaction levels didn’t change much amongst volunteer coordinators based on their salary. It was the impact that they were making that made the job worth it. Are you looking to make a difference and lead people who are just as passionate about you to do the same? Make sure you use all the resources available to find a paid volunteer coordinator position. 

Average Volunteer Coordinator Salaries 

Volunteer coordinators typically are responsible for high-level activities with supervisory responsibilities, so most organizations require a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum and 2 years of experience in a nonprofit setting. 

The salary depends on a variety of things including education, certifications, and the number of years spent in the profession. However, volunteer coordinator salaries are on the rise. In 2018, the US National average salary for a volunteer coordinator was around $37,613/year. In 2020, the median is $53,000. To see this average depending on the city you’re in, your experience, and skill level visit this page.

To view more information about salary ranges and the potential to ask for more money, download our Volunteer Coordinator Benefit Package Breakdown.

It is important for you to analyze what employee benefits are going to be necessary for you before you get too far into a volunteer coordinator interview process. If it is absolutely necessary that you receive healthcare benefits, make sure this is known before you go to second round interviews. 

Potential Benefits That You Should Be Aware of When Applying For Volunteer Coordinator Jobs

Paid time off and holidays
Severance Pay
Volunteer time Off
Healthcare plans

Volunteer Coordinator salaries can be negotiated. If you have a certain salary in mind and would like to negotiate it, make sure you can back up your amount with facts. If you have a lot of experience, this is a huge way to increase your volunteer coordinator salary. Download our Volunteer Coordinator Benefit Package Breakdown to see exact numbers that you can apply to your desired volunteer coordinator salary number. 

How To Bring Up Volunteer Coordinator Salary and Benefits During The Interview Process

Unless the interviewee brings it up, it is important to carefully time your requests about the volunteer coordinator’s salary. Some organizations may think that you are only worried about payment and not the cause or mission if you ask about salary too soon. 

If an organization has the volunteer coordinator salary or salary range listed on their job description, you should not bring up salary negotiations until the end of the interview process.

If there is no volunteer coordinator salary listed on the job description, it can warrant earlier asking and negotiations. 

We recommend that you first get an interview, then at the end of that interview ask what the next steps will be if you are an applicant that they choose to continue to consider for the volunteer coordinator position. 

If they say that there are second or third round interviews, you can definitely wait for the opportunity to come up during these later interviews. If they say that they are only doing one interview, it is appropriate to ask at the end of the interview about the volunteer coordinator salary. 

Good Ways To Bring Up Volunteer Coordinator Salary 

  • “I was just wondering what the salary for this position is, or if we are at a good spot in the interview process to talk about that.” 

  • “Can we talk about salary and benefits? I am extremely interested in this position and the mission of this organization, so I would like to hear more about what may happen if I am offered this position.”

  • “I noticed that you mentioned a salary range of $30,000 to $50,000 - what distinguishes these numbers?”

  • “Before we move any further in this process, I wanted to know if there were any negotiations available for the salary you promoted on the job description.” 

  • “Thank you for expressing interest in me for this position. I, too am really interested! I have a few questions about the role and the logistics. Is now a good time to talk about salary and benefits?” 

Remember it is okay to ask about salary, everyone knows that it is important to know your salary. But also keep in mind that Volunteer Coordinator salaries can change, and it is important to handle your expectations head-on.

If you are in the hiring process right now or are looking for a volunteer coordinator job, don’t miss out on our Volunteer Coordinator job-seeking series.