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Volunteer Management Software and Recognizing Milestones

Written by Jordan Galerkin

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Recap for February 5th - February 13th

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Facebook community this past week

Volunteer Management and Scheduling Software

Some of the newer members of our volunteer coordinator community have reached out looking for budget-friendly options for volunteer database and scheduling software. There are several options out there, and Track it Forward is one of the most affordable for nonprofit and service organizations (depending on your number of volunteers, we even have a FREE plan!). Our coordinator community had this to say on the subject:

Facebook post stating: We honor volunteers for their hours of service with cards, certificates, bookmarks etc...
every 25 hours. 
I have a good tracking system but was wondering what you all do, if you celebrate volunteer hours.  I was thinking on changing it to every 50 hours. 
What do you think?

Comments from the group

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When to Recognize Volunteers

Recognizing volunteers is a key part of any volunteer coordinator’s role. But how do you determine when and how to do it? The first step is tracking volunteer hours so you can set milestones for volunteers to reach. Track it Forward software has a milestones feature that you can learn more about here. The next step is deciding what those milestones will be and how you’ll celebrate them. Thankfully, our coordinator community has ideas on when to recognize these achievements!

Facebook post stating: Hi everyone! I am the first volunteer coordinator at my organization in Northern Wisconsin. I have kick started it and am looking forward to hearing about ways to make our program flourish. Right now I'm looking for a decently priced program to be our volunteer database and scheduling program. I'm excited to learn from you guys!

Comments and resources

  • "We celebrate the first 50 [hours] and then every 100. Although we also do spontaneous celebrations for doing something a little bit extra!"

  • "A volunteer sends a thank you note to volunteers who donate their first 10 hours. Annually, we recognize 100, 250, and 500 hours using the Presidential Service Award"

  • Track it Forward Feature: Milestones

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