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Tracking Volunteer Hours Can Help With Private School Scholarship Applications

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 09/20/2022

For students who wish to attend private high schools, scholarships are often available to help students pay for their education! A great way to help increase scholarship awards is by showcasing a passion for volunteerism and helping others! 

Independent and private schools might offer volunteer scholarships, and they definitely have volunteer opportunities for their students, so a great way to showcase a student’s effort for private high school scholarships is to showcase aligning values. 

Many private schools will use time tracking software like us - Track It Forward - to track their student’s volunteerism to showcase their school’s value when it comes to volunteerism and helping the community. 

In order to increase the chances of private school scholarships - for both high school and any other age- it is important that students showcase their passion for volunteerism. 

A great way to do this would be to showcase a student’s tracked volunteer hours in a similar way that the school would be tracking student volunteerism. 

So, look at how Track It Forward works for schools. Then, track student volunteer hours in similar ways to increase chances of being awarded private school scholarships! 

Tips For Private School Scholarship Applicants 

If you or your child is applying for private school scholarships, think about these tips! 

Present Information Easily
Showcase a student's organizational skills by presenting data about their work ethic and extracurricular activities. 

Align Values 
Showcase that student's values are similar to the school's values. This is most easily done through volunteerism and community service! 

Future Success 
Showcase a commitment to a student's success and wanting to be the best version of themselves. This will ensure future hard work and striving for success!

Total Hours Reports 

First thing's first of course, for private high school scholarships, especially volunteer scholarships, students will want to be able to see how many hours total a student has contributed to volunteer purposes. 

Track It Forward does this for schools and students through hour logs, check-in kiosks, digital sign-in sheets, and more! Track It Forward works for schools to automate the time tracking process of volunteers. Track it Forward also offers a single sign-on integration with Clever, making it easier than ever for students to securely log in and track hours!

Students can keep track of total hours for private school scholarships simply by using their own version of an hour log, totaling up hours in a document or on paper! 

Categories of Hours

Going even further, Track It Forward allows private schools to categorize their student’s volunteer hours into different categories. This could be in-school and out-of-school hours, or even categories like fundraising, community outreach, or also different causes that the school is passionate about. 

As a student applying for private school scholarships, especially private high school scholarships, there might be an essay portion or a part of a scholarship application that requires an explanation of volunteer work. This is a great opportunity to showcase organization of volunteer hour tracking and knowing the hour totals in different categories of hours. 

Track It Forward has the option for categories to be embedded into hour logs automatically, so it is quite simple for private schools to categorize the hours of their students. 

The best way for students to categorize their hours for private school scholarships is to list what types of categories a volunteer hour that the complete might belong in. Then, they can figure out which final categories they would like to narrow down and showcase in their private school scholarship presentation.

Milestones / Goals

All students and schools like to showcase how individuals complete goals. So, a great way for students to be awarded a scholarship is to showcase their ability to meet a goal. 

With private schools, Track It Forward can be used to showcase how many students are working towards a goal or milestone and how many have completed it. 

For students who are applying for private school scholarships, it is important to showcase that they had a goal and they met it! 

For students who want to be considered for private school scholarships, it is important to align values and to showcase volunteer hours similar to how private schools will be looking at their own student’s volunteer hours!