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Technology Chairs Will Love Using Track It Forward As Member Tracking Software

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 03/15/2021

Many chapter organizations have multiple members who give up their time to help volunteer and achieve their organization’s goals within the community. These members help create a larger impact on the organization as a whole, and should definitely be recognized! 

We know that some organizations, like Alpha Kappa Alpha, have Technology Chairs within the administration of each chapter. These Technology Chairs are people who are in charge of integrating certain technology into the organization. 

But, while Technology Chairs may be tech-savvy, this does not mean that the people they are going to be teaching the technology to are! Technology Chairs, we know that you have your work cut out for you when it comes to implementing new technology and software into your organization, and we want to help. 

Track It Forward can be used as member tracking software for your organization. Track It Forward is the perfect software to use to track member volunteering and to track organization-wide initiatives. The reasons Technology Chairs will love it so much is simple - our software is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to teach to others! 

Why Technology Chairs Will Love This Member Tracking Software

What exactly is member tracking software?
Member Tracking Software: Time tracking systems for members in your organization to help accurately and easily keep member data, including the number of hours they have put into different tasks or program targets. This is a great tool to use to pull reports from and to have member data and hour log data all in one location!

Set-Up: Completely customizable, and you can find a time tracking solution that fits in with how your organization may already track members or time! And uploading your volunteers into the software is simple, with a few different ways to do this!

Usability: Time Tracking Software is only going to be useful if people are going to use it! Find a software, like ours, that is easy for all members to use. Then, the time tracking software will do the rest! (Like pull reports)

Teachability: As Technology Chairs, you will have to teach the technology to the members. You will need to be able to easily teach and provide other resources if people feel challenged. We have that, too!

What is Member Tracking Software? 

Member Tracking Software is a software program that allows you to track each of your organization’s events and who attends them or helps plan them. 

Essentially, it is time tracking software for your organization’s members. Having adequate time tracking software will help your organization see how much impact certain members and committees have on the organization as a whole. When you have a proper member time tracking system in place, you are able to do a multitude of things. Here are just a few of the favorites we have seen within chapter organizations. 

  • Recognize members who are going above and beyond, volunteering multiple hours.

  • Observe members who seem to be falling behind on volunteering or attending meetings and events. 

  • Run reports on the total number of hours that your organization contributes to different philanthropic causes (this can help when gathering donations and when determining your nonprofit status)

  • Help differentiate which committees, program targets, and events are generating the most member turnout and member effort.

Why Will Technology Chairs Like Track It Forward over Other Software? 

Track It Forward works hard to create software that helps effectively track your member’s hours and progress, as well as make it easy for the administrator to operate - that’s you, Technology Chairs!

Using Track It Forward as member tracking software allows Technology Chairs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, or Committee Heads to work together and have different roles within the software. Track It Forward offers multiple administrators to help delegate different duties and have different access to the member tracking software and the reports section! 

In addition, these admins can bulk log hours on a member’s behalf. So, if you have those stubborn members who just refuse to use the software, you can log their hours for them and have everything still be accurate within the software when it is time to run reports! 

Member Tracking Software That Is Easy to Set Up

Like most software systems, set up can be a bit tricky, just because the way that you set up the software is how you are going to be pulling reports. But, with Track It Forward we are offering our help to you every step of the way. With our support specialist who can walk you through, step by step, and our help articles that are accessible at all times - we will make sure that your Track It Forward site is set up to be the most efficient member tracking system. 

Also, Track It Forward is very focused on creating a member tracking system that matches your organization’s existing workflow. This means that we offer a multitude of ways for you and your members to track their hours and progress, in hopes that one of the ways matches a system you already have your member’s doing. 

For example, if your members do not log time after an event, the basic hour log system will not be the best fit for your organization, because members will not want to all of a sudden have to track their time on new software. But, if your organization uses a sign-in sheet, then you can incorporate our digital sign-in sheet or check-in kiosk. Essentially, it is the same as using an attendance sheet, but it syncs with the member’s Track It Forward accounts and automatically logs the time for each member. 

To see other member tracking methods within Track It Forward, check out this article. 

Member Tracking Software That Is Easy to Use 

Track It Forward is really quite simple, especially if it is used in the most basic ways - like submitting hour logs. Essentially, all members will receive a request to log in or set up an account. They can use their accounts as much or as little as they would like. 

The account exists for them to manually log hours, and to have their user set up for the automatic hour log options. Track It Forward can be used as a member tracking software that in both the desktop versions or on a mobile app! Members and admins can use the mobile app to simply log hours from any location. 

Many organizations comment on the simplicity of our software, saying it was one of the things that allowed them to start using it! We know, as Technology Chairs you may be required to present our software to your organization, simplicity should be your number one selling point for this member tracking software! 

Member Tracking Software That Is Easy to Teach To Others 

And lastly, Technology Chairs have to teach the members how to use the software. We recommend setting up the software as best as you can first, that way things do not have to change much after you introduce the member tracking software to your organization. 

You can also take a group of members who are tech-savvy and ask them to use the software first and help other members. That way you have a bit of an outreach team - this could be the Technology Committee as well! 

But, for those who are even just a little tech-savvy, Track It Forward will be easy for them! You can host a session where you go through the time tracking process your organization has set up, and from there you should be able to have all members track their hours and efforts! 

Our help articles are also accessible for volunteers to use as well. 

So, if your organization could benefit from a more efficient time tracking system, we urge Technology Chairs to check out Track It Forward! It can save other members time with making and running reports, and can help introduce member impact! 



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does a technology chair do?
Technology Chairs help provide large organizations with technical support in different areas that they may need it. This also includes software that organizes members and member impact! 
2. What is membership software?
Membership software is software that allows large chapter organizations to keep track of member details, as well as how involved members are, and it what areas of the organization. They can also be combined, like in Track It Forward, with an event calendar or time tracking features.
3. Why would I want member tracking systems?
Member Tracking Software will help create reports to see how your organization is doing when meeting program targets or goals. It can also allow you to view different members and their individual contributions.