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Email Volunteers In Bulk, Specific Groups, And Set Automated Emails For Events!

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 03/29/2024

We have upped our game when it comes to mass communication to volunteers! There are a few ways you can easily automate the process of sending emails to volunteers through Track It Forward, we are going to explain them here! 

Sending A Email Blast 

You can send email blasts to all volunteers, or a select few if you would like easily when you log into your organizer dashboard. 

From the organizer dashboard, you will be able to access a list of volunteers that are in the Track It Forward system. It is very important that you have your volunteers set up their Track It Forward accounts, or else you will not be able to email them! 

You can easily select all of the volunteers, or just a few by clicking the box next to volunteers’ names. Then, from here you select the action “send email” and viola! 

You can now send emails to volunteers through Track It Forward, and the best part is that you can send emails to groups of volunteers by filtering your volunteer list! 

Send Emails To Specific Groups Of Volunteers

Track It Forward allows users to create a custom volunteer profile form for each volunteer. This means that volunteers may have to put themselves into groups - whether this is a committee, type of volunteer, or however your volunteer program is categorized. 

Once you have this set up with Track It Forward, you can also send emails out to this specific group. Using the filter tool next to the actions, you can filter out your list of volunteers to specific groups or specific answers from the volunteer profile form on Track It Forward. 

Then, from here you can send emails to specific groups! This can also work for managers, parents of children, certain grades, committees, or more! 

Send emails to volunteers any time you would like very easily from your Track It Forward organizer dashboard! 

Set Up Automated Emails 

Automated emails can be set up when you plan events for volunteers to sign up and RSVP for in the Track It Forward Event Calendar. When you create events, you have the option to set up automated emails for the following actions: 

  • Email confirmation when volunteer signs up 

  • Email volunteer if the event is changed

  • Email volunteer 2 days before the event

  • Email volunteer to log their hours after the event

There are other options for hour logging and the event calendar which you can see here. 

Along with volunteer time tracking, Track It Forward provides additional features of sending emails to volunteers and creating automated email notifications for volunteer events! 

Track It Foward aims to make contacting volunteers easy through the software, as well as put a focus on ensuring accurate and easy time tracking functionality! 




Because you are sending email blasts, they need to be able to be unsubscribed from.  That’s the main reason we’ve been dragging our feet with building this out.  Now, attached to every email blast (and event invite email) will be a unsubscribe link.  When you send an email out, the system will tell you if any of the volunteers have unsubscribed so you know who will not receive the email.

Despite not being able to send messages to these volunteers, there are a lot of pros of allowing volunteers to unsubscribe:

  • We comply with federal law 
  • They won’t outright block your email altogether, allowing you to send personal emails
  • They won't block Track it Forward emails, which are important for resetting paswords
  • You know which volunteers are becoming less engaged
  • You won’t be endlessy wondering why certain individuals aren’t responding