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Track Hours For Recognition and Government Reports

Multi-Level Milestones

Volunteers receive recognition for each level of hours they volunteer, and can see their progress towards each level.

Instantly Downloadable Reports

Reports of different categories that the volunteers worked in are available within seconds for supervising entities.

Hour Log Autonomy

Instead of focusing on logging volunteer hours, volunteer managers can use their time for other, more detrimental projects.

Woodburn Fire District Uses Track It Forward For For C.E.R.T Volunteers

Woodburn Fire District in Oregon operates with the Fire Department and an emergency response team, who are volunteers! The Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T) consists of trained volunteers who help the community in an event of an emergency - not just during the emergency, but in the time period following natural disasters, emergencies, and even pandemics that affect the community. 

The C.E.R.T program within the Woodburn Fire District is connected to the Woodburn Fire Department and is sponsored and monitored by FEMA-  the Federal Emergency Management Agency within the Department of Homeland Security and Marion County Emergency Management. 

“We actively help people in the community to take care of themselves, and then take care of their neighbors and others in the community in the event of a disaster, whether it is natural or manmade,” says Ulrich Reich, C.E.R.T Coordinator of Woodburn Fire District. 

C.E.R.T volunteers go through first aid training to understand and identify life-threatening injuries, control bleeding, treat for shock, and more, as well as resourceful skill training like locating any natural gas or electrical hazards, extinguishing small fires, searching buildings, and working in an organized fashion as a team. 

To become a C.E.R.T volunteer, you must go through a class set that is six weeks long, and attend a refresher course held on a monthly basis. Along with helping in cases of unpredictable emergencies and disasters, C.E.R.T volunteers are also asked to participate in planned events like Woodburn Fire District & Walmart Kids Bike Rodeo, and Woodburn Fire District Open House. 

Needless to say, it’s a lot of hard work to become a C.E.R.T volunteer, and there are oftentimes C.E.R.T volunteers who work hours on end to help the community. Recognizing these volunteers for their hard work is one of the main reasons why Ulrich Reich decided to find a volunteer time tracking software system for the program. 

The C.E.R.T program has different levels of recognition within hours volunteered in a year- all recognized easily within Track It Forward using the milestone system. 

Within Track It Forward, whenever a volunteer logs their hours, it showcases progress towards a certain milestone goal, for the Woodburn C.E.R.T program, these are different hour levels to distinguish certain recognition.

Ulrich says that volunteer recognition is really important for C.E.R.T volunteers, and this is an easy way to do it, “I’ve learned that you can only motivate people so much with competition. They do what they want to do, but recognizing them at the end of the day is what the most important part of it is.” 

By using the milestones that the Woodburn Fire District C.E.R.T program does, it allows all volunteers to be recognized for their work, but on different levels, and these reports are constantly updated for volunteers and Ulrich to see in real-time! 

Woodburn Fire District C.E.R.T program also tracks hours for reports that are done monthly for the county, fire department, and emergency services that help sponsor and encourage the C.E.R.T program and their activities throughout the year. 

The photo below showcases the activities that the Woodburn C.E.R.T program categorizes hours into. With reports, Ulrich can see which activities are getting the most action, as well as look more into each category and see specific details about volunteers and volunteer hours within them! This is just one example of a report that is available within Track It Forward, instantly! 

Ulrich says, “It’s easily customizable. We started out with 7 categories for activities, now we have 18 or 20. It’s easy to add and subtract categories and activities when you don’t need them anymore. It’s a good representation of what we do.” 

Track It Forward allows custom reports to be pulled at any time. These reports can include any information that is gathered within your site, which is completely customizable. For example, the Woodburn Fire Department uses Track It Forward hour logs to gather information like: 

  • Hours volunteered 
  • Activity Category (which is pre-set from a dropdown menu created by Ulrich)
  • Mileage (for tax purposes) 
  • C.E.R.T certificate 
  • Photo upload 
  • Notes 
  • And organizer information (to help identify who was in charge at the event to verify volunteer hours)

“Track It Forward generating reports is really easy and you can customize the report to showcase whatever you need to have,” says Ulrich. 

How Track It Forward Helps C.E.R.T Volunteers & Volunteer Managers 

Along with Track It Forward running reports and providing a database for volunteer statistics, there are some additional benefits that using Track It Forward specifically provides. 

To start, Woodburn Fire District started logging time by Ulrich doing it manually after volunteers emailed him their time spent volunteering. With some volunteers doing more than 500 hours per year, and more than 50 volunteers - we can only imagine how time-consuming it was for Ulrich to log these manually, and calculate reports. 

He says, “The ability to have someone log their own hours so I don’t have to do it saves me time and effort. I can concentrate my time on other things with running the program other than logging over 50 people’s times in a day.” 

And as for volunteers, Ulrich says most people use their phones to log their hours because it is easy to simply do at the event. With Track It Forward’s mobile app - C.E.R.T volunteers can easily log hours while at an event and input all data necessary to help provide proof for volunteering, and accurately be able to categorize hours for reports. 

Track It Forward aims to make volunteer tracking and reporting easy for both C.E.R.T Volunteers and Volunteer Managers like Ulrich!

“Just like everything else it is a learning experience, and I know there are parts (of Track It Forward) that we don’t use, but we have played around with it and it works just how we need it to for now,” Ulrich says. 

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