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Track and Log Volunteer Hours via a Mobile App on iPhone or Android

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 12/30/2022

Volunteer time tracking is crucial to any organization that uses volunteers. By tracking volunteer time, coordinators can report on this data and view trends, and organizations can use this information to apply for grants and improve their volunteer programs. Accurate time tracking is important, so it’s a good idea to use a tool that can improve efficiency, like volunteer software. Track it Forward offers a volunteer time tracking solution that is easy-to-use, affordable, and accessible with a mobile app available for iPhone and Android.

Benefits of Mobile Time Tracking

By using an app to track volunteer hours, coordinators can improve the accuracy and efficiency of their programs and encourage volunteers to log more hours. With a mobile app, volunteers can instantly log their hours from anywhere. A volunteer hour tracking app like Track it Forward is not only easy to use, but it is also convenient. When volunteers have the ability to log their hours as soon as they’ve completed them without waiting for computer access, it reduces the amount of errors and the likelihood that volunteers will forget to enter their hours. Another benefit of the Track it Forward volunteer time tracking app is the advanced verification feature. With this feature, coordinators can require advanced verifications such as selfies or photos, signatures, and GPS location that volunteers can quickly obtain on their phones using the mobile app. This adds an additional layer of verification and accuracy to the volunteer hours log.

Volunteer coordinators will appreciate the use of a volunteer time tracking app for several reasons. Not only can it encourage volunteers to accurately log hours, but it also streamlines the review process for coordinators. Using the Track it Forward mobile app, coordinators can quickly and easily review and approve hours, add new volunteers, create events, mark attendance, and check volunteers in and out onsite.

See what Track it Forward customers have to say about the volunteer time tracking app:

“Ever since we’ve started using Track it Forward, we’ve had more and more students logging their hours. It’s been great! The mobile app has been really useful and makes it much easier for them too.” -Kelly M., Johns Hopkins University

“Track It Forward is an amazing resource that allows for easy tracking and reports! Our volunteers love the mobile app and the ease of using the tool.” -Glenda N., Nonprofit

“[Volunteers] love to be on the app, logging their hours and seeing [how far away] they are from 1,000...They use the app more, especially because they don’t have wifi in the campgrounds.” -Rachael H., Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Mobile App FeaturesWeb of 6 things volunteers can do from track it forward's mobile app. 1. log volunteer hours to be approved later. 2. view timesheet of all submitted hours. 3. check in and out of events to log hours automatically. 4. log hours in the cloud when they have no service. 5.Track hourly requirement progress via milestones. 6. sign up for shifts and events in the calendar.

Track it Forward offers a robust volunteer time tracking software that can be accessed via computer or mobile app. While some features like reporting and mass communications are only available in the desktop version, most critical features can be accessed using the mobile app.

Hour Log

Volunteers can easily track their time by using the hours log in the mobile app. The hours log is customizable so coordinators can choose what information they want to collect when volunteers submit their hours. This includes but is not limited to information on volunteer activities, start and end times, and additional notes.

Offline Mode

With Offline Mode, volunteers can use the mobile app to log volunteer hours from anywhere, even if they don’t have internet access or cellular service. Volunteers can still access the hour log and submit verifications, and the information will automatically be synced once their device has service again. This unique feature eliminates any concerns about data loss, and is perfect for volunteers who might be active in the field without service.


Volunteers can access the event calendar to sign up for events and shifts directly in the mobile app. They can browse the calendar, view event details, RSVP, and send a message to the event coordinator directly from the app. The event calendar is customizable using the desktop version of Track it Forward, where coordinators can categorize events or shifts, set RSVP limits, and choose which volunteers can see which events.

Digital Sign-In Sheet 

Coordinators can use a digital sign-in sheet for events to mark attendance for those who RSVP’d in advance. The digital sign-in sheet for any event can be accessed by coordinators via the mobile app. Another convenient feature allows for automatic hours logging for volunteers who are marked as attended on the digital sign-in sheet, eliminating another step in the volunteer time tracking process!

Check-In Kiosk

The Check-In Kiosk has its own Track it Forward mobile app and can be pulled up on a shared device such as a tablet. It works like a digital punch card, allowing volunteers to login and check-in and out onsite. Once they’ve checked out, the hours are automatically calculated and logged, and then sent to coordinators for approval (if enabled).

Milestone Progress

Volunteer coordinators can set up the milestones feature to track progress towards hourly requirements or goals, called milestones. Volunteers can log into the Track it Forward time tracking app and quickly view their progress toward milestones. Volunteer coordinators can also view aggregate progress of all volunteers or individually.

Milestones summary. Example of milestones summary for the year of 2018. Example graph showing donations amount reached vs working on it. Arrow pointing to the option to view full milestone reports.


Volunteers can also view a timesheet of their past hours in the mobile app. This record can be helpful for volunteers and coordinators alike. The timesheet can also be set up to allow for editing of submissions if there was any type of mistake or miscalculation.

Approve Hours 

Volunteer coordinators can quickly approve or reject hours submissions directly from the mobile time tracking app. The hours approval feature is optional, but can be helpful if coordinators want to double-check submissions for accuracy or have strict guidelines volunteers must follow.

Track it Forward Mobile Time Tracking App

Track it Forward volunteer time tracking software aims to make the time tracking and approval process easier for volunteers and coordinators alike. A volunteer time tracking app can streamline the process and remove barriers to logging hours quickly and accurately. Mobile time tracking is a convenient tool that can encourage volunteers to track time and make it easier for coordinators to review and approve hours.

Any coordinator or organization looking for apps to track volunteer hours need look no further than Track it Forward. With a variety of features for organizing volunteers, tracking volunteer time, and mobile tracking, it offers a one-stop shop. Ready to see for yourself? Try Track it Forward free for 30 days, no commitment necessary.