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Online Tracking Systems for Volunteers and Volunteer Coordinators

Written by James McBryan

What is an online time tracking system?
As the internet becomes more useful and available to people across the world, volunteer-based organizations with modest resources have the opportunity to use cutting edge technologies for growth and management.
A management tool that can be particularly helpful is an online time tracking system. Online time tracking systems allow agencies, municipalities and groups to easily share data. This data can be accessed remotely and the program does not need to be installed.

If You Are A Volunteer Coordinator:
Most online volunteer time tracking systems will allow you to manage multiple projects. Giving volunteers the opportunity to enter their hours themselves could save you valuable time. Reports can be generated from the data and presented to staff, community members and funders. Encouraging friendly competition and creating a space for volunteers to be instantly recognized could motivate volunteers to see a project to completion.

In addition to time reporting, the tracking tool may allow:
    •     online applications for volunteers
    •     database of contact information
    •     data to be embedded on your own website
    •     automatic schedule reminders
    •     tagging volunteers with specific criteria
    •     impact tracking
    •     reviews of volunteers

 If You Are A Volunteer:
Entering your own volunteer hours into an online time tracking system is an empowered way to increase your own social currency. You may have the option to share this information with prospective employers and college admissions offices. This tool may allow you to self-schedule and invite other volunteers.

If you’re interested in knowing more about online time tracking, take a look at examples of how other organizations make use of them.