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Official Timesheet Transcript Reports!

Written by Kasey Murphy

We have realized that some organizations need an official transcript of certain volunteers, their efforts towards volunteering, and their specific hour count! Track It Forward is exploring options for developing a Transcript Report for Track It Forward admins to pull on their volunteers. 

What are Volunteer Timesheet Transcript Reports? 

Instead of the typical spreadsheet download from our reports, the Transcript Report would group all submissions for a volunteer on one page, similar to a timesheet view.

We know that these reports can be used as official volunteer timesheets, and can be given to volunteers to showcase in an official manner, or for their own knowledge. 

Official volunteer timesheet transcripts can be used in an official office to verify court-mandated volunteering, for resumes or acknowledgements in an internal purpose, and more! 

These volunteer timesheet transcript reports can easily be downloaded and printed, which can help schools or organizations that have volunteer hours that need to be “signed off” or given to an authorized member in an official fashion.

of Official Volunteer Timesheet Transcript Reports

What You Can Do To Help Us Make The Best Volunteer Transcript Reports

We are wondering what else other organizations might need when it comes to pulling an official transcript report for a volunteer’s timesheet! We are in the process of making these reports an option, so we want to make sure that we have all the information and feedback from those who would use volunteer timesheet transcript reports. 

At this point, we would love to gather some additional feedback regarding the interest in transcript reports and what features would be most important to include. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in gathering official timesheet transcript reports so we can be sure we create them successfully.