Interested In Helping Us Make Time Tracking More Fun and Motivating? | Track It Forward

Interested In Helping Us Make Time Tracking More Fun and Motivating?

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 03/29/2024

We are brainstorming ideas for gamifying our software to help motivate volunteers to track hourse, we would love your feedback!

We are thinking of upping our game when it comes to motivating your volunteers to track their time. We have started brainstorming some ways to make time tracking on our software a little bit more fun! 

We are hoping you would like to help us out with some ideas we are considering for our Track it Forward. When we put ourselves in your shoes, as Volunteer Coordinators, we realize that an ongoing challenge you have is simply motivating volunteers.

You can fill out a survey we have started conducting here. 

We are only in the brainstorming process, so feedback is essential for progress. As Volunteer Coordinators, you have a lot of things to get done from running a volunteer program during a pandemic to running reports, so we are just trying to see if there is a way we can help you out with one small aspect - motivating your volunteers to track time. 

Think of some of your favorite apps and the things that they do to help spice up their system - Fitbit (with the badges), apple watch fitness (with filling rings), Asana (with unicorns when you complete a task). 

We would love to help implement some fun, new things to Track It Forward to help present digital awards, motivation, or just increase the fun level when it comes to our software! 

Please let us know your thoughts by filling out the survey and we will get back to you if we want to elaborate on your ideas! 

Thanks a bunch!