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Here’s What We’ve Gathered from our Facebook Community- 6/13-6/21

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 11/12/2020

Our volunteer community on facebook is always full of great ideas and conversation starters. Check out some of the interesting and engaging topics from this week! 

1. Moving Volunteers into Senior Homes

Facebook post stating :

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Insight from the comments: 

  • Have a risk assessment test for COVID relation- if they have been tested, how likely they are to get it. We also recommend doing fever checks or some sort of regular wellness check to lessen the chance of extracting the virus. You should consult with your state regulations and healthcare systems before allowing anyone in close proximity to the elderly. 
  • In general: background checks, screenings, and orientation for the volunteer. They are dealing with people’s family members, some of which are very dependent. 
  • “Also be sure to inquire about motivation. Many times we’d have family members of deceased home care clients want to volunteer, only to have them break down in the interview - they just weren’t ready.”
  • Seniors need to be “screened” as well. Not only for COVID but for potential hazards like aggression and environmental issues, or even pets. We recommend using a color-coded or numerical labeling system to explain/ describe the number of potential problems that can occur. Then you can base your orientation on going through these categories and what a volunteer can do in the situation. Then you can group volunteers on who is comfortable going into each category. 


  1. A community of resources related to COVID-19
  2. Consider a transition into homes
  3. Department of Health for your state should have COVID guidelines 

2. Recruit Volunteers 

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Here's what our community had to say:  

  • Reach out to high schools, honors societies, sororities in local colleges, and lions clubs to ask for volunteers or contacts to organize future volunteering. 
  • Make sure when posting online or reaching out to people you clearly state how precautions with COVID-19 will be in place.
  • Recruit using social media and hold orientations via Zoom. 


  1. Post an event on meetup
  2. Volunteer Match even has a COVID and Virtual volunteer section.
  3. Motivational Volunteer Management 

3. Holiday Gift Donations with COVID-19 restrictions 

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Have you started thinking about holiday donations? Let us know your preparations! 

Here’s what the comments section looked like: 

  • Have volunteers sponsor a “take-home activity” or a virtual gift. 
  • “Our local United Way is collecting summer toys and games for kids in the community. They are not accepting used items. They have a deal with Amazon where they picked items they want, and individuals can purchase them for the program. I'm guessing that everything will be shipped to their offices for distribution.”
  • We suggest providing clear guidelines to how materials should be cleaned and classified to your volunteers. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for donations or gift cards, then you can pick up gifts yourself or just start to collect gift card donations. 


  1. Oriental Trading
  2. Unique Gift Donation Ideas - keep in mind guidelines for coronavirus and that donations may need to be cleaned/ unused.