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Get Your Volunteers to Track Hours: FREE E-BOOK

Last updated by Kasey Murphy on 04/15/2021

Maybe you’ve implemented volunteer time tracking software for the first time, or maybe you are on your second or third volunteer software because you are trying to find one that best works for your organization, your workflow, and your volunteers. Either way, you are trying to figure out how a volunteer time tracking tool can truly work and help you and your organization.

The answer is simple, you need to have a system in place that allows volunteers to easily and voluntarily track their own time. The only way that volunteer time tracking can be 100% efficient is if volunteers are intersted in their hours, or if there is a system in place that creates a habitual process of volunteers tracking their hours. 

While many software, including ours, can provide you with different ways to track volunteer hours, this software is only going to be as efficient and effective as the volunteer’s efforts to use it. For example, if your organization uses The Check In Kiosk to log volunteer hours, this system isn’t going to work and be efficient if volunteers just skip over checking in or checking out. Or, if your organization works off of an event calendar method, tracking hours of volunteer events is going to be difficult if volunteers do not look at the events. And lastly, if you just like your volunteers to log hours after they volunteer, this isn’t going to work if volunteers simply do not feel motivated or do not want to track their hours. Then, all of your efforts to effectively track volunteer time and make awesome reports are only a portion complete- making it inefficient. 

So, how can you get volunteers to track time? The answer is a bit more complex than you may think. You may have to implement a new system or process for your volunteers, or if you have a volunteer time tracking software that works with your organization’s workflow, you may still have to motivate your volunteers to track their hours, for the success of the volunteer program. 

Our eBook contains a 6-part breakdown of all the reasons your volunteers may not want to track time, but how you can still make it happen. 

In the eBook, we will go over software being the catalyst of tracking volunteer hours, the motivation set for volunteers to track their hours, promoting your time tracking system, awards that may help intrigue volunteers to track their time, a specific case study that showcases volunteers being involved in their time tracking, and how to pick the right software for your organization.

Volunteer Time Tracking eBook Table of Contents
1. Software's Role in Getting Volunteers To Track Their Time 2. Different Reasons For Volunteers To Want To Track Time That You Can Implement 3. Incorporating Promotion In Your Volunteer Program For Time Tracking Purposes 4. The Best Ways to Bring Awards into Your Volunteer Time Tracking System. 5. How A Nonprofit Used These Practices To Create an Efficient Time Tracking System 6. Pick the Right Software For Your Organization's Volunteer Program

How Our Volunteer Time Tracking eBook Can Help You

While it may seem like a lot of effort- we promise it is not! Some organizations are lucky and have volunteers who off the bat want to track their own hours, are tech-savvy, and don’t mind logging their own hours. But, we know these are few and far between. 

By following this eBook , you will be able to set your volunteer program off the right way immediately, in order to have an efficient time tracking system. Or, if you are struggling with your volunteers tracking time right now after you read this eBook, you will be able to change some small things in your program to help make time tracking more efficient! 

These six steps are ones that you can take to receive results and feel like time tracking software is on your side. And, the steps that we highlight as important for volunteer time tracking are also great steps to help improve volunteer retention! 

Once you have a great time tracking software in place, and you take the steps to incorporate the software into your volunteer program - your volunteer program will be set to help get volunteers tracking time, so you can use the software to get reports, plan more events, and more! Also, as you recruit more volunteers you can have a set volunteer time tracking process in place for them to follow. 

So, what are you waiting for? See what our years in the volunteer time tracking industry are showcasing, we have the proof to back it up!